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Mind your language (1977)
Isnin, 13 Julai 2020 | 10:27:00 PTG | 45 comments

  Assalamualaikum and hi! Baru je cakap nak hiatus but tiba-tiba izzati terdetik nak tulis new entry.

  Izzati actually ada nak reccommend satu series yang memang best and really lovely. Also, can give you more knowledge plus enjoyable. Mind your language is a British Sitcom that show how people of different countries, religions, nations and language exist in one classroom. It's so funny and hillarious.

  Story about Mr. Brown (Barry Evans) the English's teacher that need to teach them english. Actually, he was warned that the previous teacher was driven insane by the students. So, he want to take the challenge to teach them and end up loving them. <3

   Izzati ni peminat Oh My English tau. Jadi, abah izzati pun terus reccommend izzati untuk tengok cerita ni dekat youtube. He told me that it's a grandparent of Oh My English and guess what, it's really good. Izzati memang suka sangat dengan cerita dia plus boleh tambah ilmu pengetahuan kita dalam bahasa english. I love both OME and MYL. :D

  The students, the principal, even the tea lady, semua lawak and really 'live' in the show. Serius izzati cakap, you won't regret watching it. Cuma 4 seasons tapi semuanya best. Boleh stream dekat youtube sebab izzati pun layan dekat situ je. Im so happy to be the one that could watch it even izzati tak wujud pun lagi kat era tu. Im so thankful sebab abah izzati reccommend cerita ni. Thank you, abah. <3

  So, izzati highly reccommend jugak untuk readers tengok MYL ni. <3

  So, that's it for today. Thanks for reading this!! Love you to the moon and back hohoho. Please take care and sayonara~

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Anime review: Zankyou No Terror//Terror In Resonance (2014)
Selasa, 7 Julai 2020 | 10:27:00 PG | 30 comments

 Assalamualaikum and hi! Izzati is back with the anime review. Dah lama izzati tak buat anime review and now I wanna make a review about one of the best anime!!

  Actually, izzati ada pernah buat review pasal anime ni dulu but after rewatch it, I would love to review about it again.

  The story is about when Tokyo has been decimated by the shocking terrorist attack. It's all happens when the most bizzare video has been uploaded in the internet. Sphinx 1 and Sphinx 2 will give the riddles for ppl to solve it or Tokyo will be in dangerous.

  So, the polices is trynna figure out who actually the cause among this criminal and what's their motives while they're just a teenagers that might begin to know life.

  Actually I can't tell too much except you go and watch it. It's an underrated anime cuz it's tell the truth about life nowadays. How cruel ppl have becomes, how it hurts to be abuse, how it sad to be unnoticed. The best anime for me. The ost by Yoko Kanno! Everything is perfect and melodious. I love itt!

  If I can rate it. I'll give it 9/10. If you still wondering why I give it only 9, go and watch it then you'll know. There's one thing that I can't take and I bet you will not too!

  Then, that's it. Till we meet again. Bye. Izzati roger and out!

Izzati will take a long hiatus for now. Again. byee and take care :)

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Beautiful music !!
Selasa, 9 Jun 2020 | 9:30:00 PG | 62 comments

  Assalamualaikum and hii!! I hope you're all in the good conditions and of course doing fine!!

  Izzati would love to introduce something to you guys. Maybe i've already share this things but in a long time ago and now I would love to share it again. Heee.

  Im that kind of girl that love to hear some music that giving me chill or maybe can give tears to me too when I was writing or reading something. I can focus too. Some people cant hear music while doing something and there's some people can do both of those things together.

  Izzati love to hear music from Hdsoundi. It's a channel on youtube that will give you a lot of beautiful musics. Emotional, beautiful and really chilling. Im just loving it. So beautiful!!

  Especially when im writing a sad story or sad poem while having my earphone on with that soundtrack. Really make me drown in tears and give me feel. Like, it give me some emotion. To feel the story or the poem that I write.

  Here are some musics that really are my favorite and always be in my playlist.

  Letting Go by Tracey Chattaway. Really beautiful. This music really attached my soul.

  Memories Lost by Keith Beauvais. It's kind of sorrow and can make you cry. Im always in tear whenever I listen to this.

  Amor Fati (Love of Fate) by Josh Winiberg. It give me inspirations.

  Forever by Tracey Chattaway. Melodious. Make me nostalgic about some unforgettable memories. Im also in love with the pic.

  Harmonies isnt it? Im also love to read the poems in the comments section there. They're so creative. Go check it out!! You guys will love it!! Also dont forget to subscribe the channel. <3

  So, that's it for today! Have a nice day and time okay. Till we meet again! Sayonara. ❤️

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Khamis, 4 Jun 2020 | 3:48:00 PG | 42 comments

  Assalamualaikum and hola! Finally, izzati's back! Happy eid mubarak too. Izzati agak sibuk sikit dengan life and have no time to update something in this blog. Finally, izzati ada jugak masa dan boleh la nak story-story something. Hihi.

  My lil brother, has told me something and guess what, it really hurts my feeling for hearing that. Really really hurting me. Izzati macam nak nangis pun ada and of course know that he's really hurting inside even he's just an innocent kid.

  Adalah satu hari tu izzati ada sembang-sembang dengan dia and of course Im asking him about his preschool's life. He's just 6 but really open minded and have talent on something. He's really smart and memang jenis cepat belajar. Im asking him about his ABC's, reading, teacher and friends.

  Then, dia cakap yang dia tak ada kawan. He also said to me that nobody want to be his friend. And that's time, I felt so sad and just wanna cry. But dia cakap yang cikgu dia treat him well and izzati rasa bersyukur jugak.

  So about friends tu pulak. Izzati memang rasa marah, sedih apa semua. I be like...why? Kenapa? Izzati memang dapat rasa sangat perasaan dia sebab izzati dulu pun macam tu. Nobody want to be my friend and it really hurt me. Always got bullied so izzati faham sangat apa yang dia rasa. Lagi-lagi he likes, innocently told me that memang lagi buat izzati kecewa.

  Maybe sebab dia tak petah sangat bercakap and that's why people dislikes him. Also, he's way too kind to people and that's why he got that. It's not like being kind is weakness. I disagree with that because our prophet teach us to be kind to everyone. Tapi mungkin sebab people yang suka take advantage atas kebaikkan tu yang tak betul and salah.

  So, what Im going to tell are, yes, we need to have empathy and humanity. And that will let kindness grow in you. And lagi satu, kita boleh je jadi baik, it's not wrong to be kind because being kind is a MUST!! But not let people downgrade you. Also, take nobody's shit. So, people will respect you.

  Also, be patient. Not everyone love you. Even baik macam mana pun kita, mesti ada yang tak suka kita. So, what you need to do is, mind your own bussiness, do what good to you. Make your parent proud and make Allah loves you. Allah is everything. So, you wont feel scared to live in this world. Reality really hurts and you need to accept that! Face your fear, dont be afraid.

We're all bad in someone's story

  If someone hate you and will find many ways to dislike you, leave them alone. It's not ego, it's self respect. Respect yourself enough to leave them. Dont start the fight. There's nothing to prove to people like them. Okay?

  And for those people yang suka sangat downgrade people, hate people, mengata tak habis-habis, memilih itu ini, lemme tell you something. Go and find a better life. Kalau macam itulah perangai kita, sampai mati pun hidup tak akan pernah tenang. Stop it already. Look yourself in the mirror first.

  Sudah-sudahlah jadi manusia yang penuh dengan kebencian tu. Change. Please! Wake up! Also, for parent, please teach your kids well. Teach them to be mature and respect everyone. Everyone deserve to be respected! Miskin ke, kaya ke, ugly ke, apa ke, they deserve to be respected.

  So, yeah, izzati tak cakap macam tu dekat my lil bro sebab dia terlalu kecik untuk faham semua tu. But, since he love to watch naruto too, I encourage him to be patient and take Naruto as an inspirations. Hehe. Kan Naruto dulu pun tak ada kawan, everyone hate him, but he never give up and always wake up to prove them wrong. Finally, he did it and become the hokage already.

I was lonely, I was rejected, I was sad, but these reasons made me strong
-Uzumaki Naruto

  So, that's what I told him and he's so happy and agree with it. Im so happy to see his smile. I know he's strong to hande this things. Rainbow will comes after rain. Im also will always pray for him to keep being a strong people also kind and brave.

  So that's it. Do correct me if anything wrong with corteous. Till we meet again. Bye!! <3

P/S: Alhamdulillah, izzati dah check result upu and izzati ada rezeki untuk further study kat Kedah. Im so happy!! Doakan semuanya dipermudahkan nanti yah!<3

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Find your humanity
Khamis, 7 Mei 2020 | 12:50:00 PTG | 38 comments

  Assalamualaikum and selamat berpuasa semua. Rasanya baru ja izzati post pasal humanity and now izzati nak update lagi bila video seekor kucing yang dipijak tanpa rasa belas kasihan sekarang tengah viral. Izzati menangis tengok video tu and tak percaya yang still wujudnya manusia hati hitam macam ni.

  To be honest, izzati tak tengok pun video tu sampai habis sebab tak sampai hati. Awal-awal bukak dengar suara dia menangis pun terus izzati tutup and nangis sekali sebab tak sanggup. Ya Allah, why? Kenapa kena buat macam tu? Kalau nak attention pun jangan sampai tak fungsikan kewarasan akal yang diberi. Tak payah nak tunjuk diri tu b*d*h sangat. Astaghfirullah.

  Mana rasa simpati dan empati tu? Itulah,  kalau memang hati dah hitam, menjadikan maksiat dan dosa as cara hidup, that's why people becoming like this. Bukan niat izzati nak menghina sebab benda tu fact. Izzati memang dah marah sangat. Ya Allah, semoga kami dijauhkan, aamiin.

  Tak kira la even haiwan lain sekalipun, they dont deserve that! And to be honest izzati nak cakap, as an animal lover, haiwan lebih banyak mengenang jasa plus way better than mostly people I know. ") Kucing pun haiwan favorite our prophet, Rasulullah SAW, and why you did that? Apa salah dia?

  It's not funny okay. Not a fun things that you can laugh about! Dont you ever make it as a joke!! Biar tak pandai sangat, tak cantik sangat, tak hensem sangat at least adab, respect and humanity tu ada! Tu yang penting dan susah nak dapat dekat diri mostly people now.

  For those yang sepuak dengan golongan ni, (heartless) I just wanna say, Kifarah is real. What you give, you'll get back no matter what. Remember, even sekecil zarah pun perbuatan kita tu, pasti ada balasan dia. Kalau tak kena kat dunia, dekat kubur, kalau bukan dekat kubur, akhirat. Allah itu maha adil. So beware la ye sebelum nak buat apa-apa.

  So, that's it. Izzati nak minta maaf kalau ada terkasar bahasa sikit. Izzati pun cuma manusia biasa yang buat dosa juga. Tak pernah terlepas dari buat silap. Jadi, im so sorry. Cuma yah, even kita ni teruk jangan sampai tahap tak ada humanity and emphaty. Cuba letak diri sendiri dekat tempat dia and insyaAllah humanity will grow in you. That's what my mama teach me and tell me every day.

  That's all. Happy fasting. Do correct me if anything wrong. Sayonara~

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New book to read!!
Selasa, 5 Mei 2020 | 7:19:00 PG | 25 comments

  Assalamualaikum and happy fasting lovelies. Izzati feel so happy now because finally I dont need to reread the same books again, again and again.

  Now I got a new book to read so I wont feel bored to read the same books. My grandma gave it to me because she know that I am a bookworm. She is so sweet! I love you tok! <3

  The title is Ghost Town. Seems to be an interesting book to read and also can improve my bad grammar, insyaAllah. Actually it has a lot of story (different books) and yet I still cant search for the book because of the MCO and also about my hopeless pocket money. Im crying now.

  The author also really creative and the story is thrilling and funny too. I love comedy and yes it fits my type of genre well.

  Hihi, so, I will read it now! Stay safe yahh! Happy fasting too. Till we meet again, bye bye!! <3 Pardon my grammar.

P/S: More chapter to read! <3

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Isnin, 27 April 2020 | 3:32:00 PTG | 14 comments

  Assalamualaikum and salam ramadhan lovelies!! How fasting? I hope everything is good. Mine is fine alhamdulillah. Syukur to Allah. <3

  A lot of people now dont know how to respect others and actually Im feel like they dont deserve to be respected too. But my mama told me that, it's okay actually, you need to still respect them and make them feel guilty and embarassed of themselves. Revenge is not good. So, alhamdulillah, I still follow the instructions and everything going so well.

  To respect others mean to be nice and dont let them down. If you do that then you're rude. Everyone deserve to be respected no matter who they are. So, there is no reason for you to not respect people because everyone deserve that! You know what, to create the most knowledgeable society, it need to start with respect. So, there will be hopes to create the intelligent people. Agree?

  To respect dont mean you have to be more valuable or older than others. Nah, throw that mentalities away. We need to respect each other. Youngest need to respect eldest and eldest also need to respect youngest. So, there will be the less problems and also we can communicates in the best way about something.

  If respect dont longer to be served then society will become so cruel. That's why respect is important. You need to respect others! If you cant respect others, then dont blame anything if society become substandard. Also, it need to get in every kids. So, when they grow up, they will become independent and not pathetic. Do you want to see our generations be left behind just because they dont have respect?

  To be honest, I dont care who you are, about your past, what your skin color, what your size, no matter what, if you still have respect and quality, then I will respect you back.

It's not nice to judge others based on your own preconceptions and by their appearances
-Uchiha Itachi 

  If there's a plenty people who still dont have respect, no matter how much guidance they get from others and still dont know how to respect people then leave them alone. One day, they will know if they get it back. Life is a cycle so yeah, what you give, you get back.

  Well, that's it for now. Do correct me with courteous if anything wrong there or if you disagree with me. Till we meet again. Happy fasting. Love you! Sayonara!! <3

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