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Where I can be happy
Jumaat, 22 Mac 2019 | 4:55:00 PG | 2 comments

 Well, everyone need to find a happy places where we can find a peace and happiness. In Penang, it's not hard for me to find a happy places. There is one places that I love to visit whenever I'm sad or feeling down and it's called Padang Kota. You know, I love being there since I was a child. I always went to Padang Kota with my father every times! But now, it's hard for me to go there now.

 If you haven't visit Penang yet and was planning to travel here, please visit Padang Kota. I bet that you can feel rilex. With the beautiful environment, street musician and a laughter of children, you will be calm and restful.

My lil sisters.

There's a big ship!

The musician. Trust me, his voice is melodious. I love to hear him.

You can watch a sea from there. Beautiful right? Sorry, I love to write more than taking a pic. That's why my pics are not too good. Instead, we don't need an expensive camera to take a beautiful pic of environment right? You can do a lot of activities there such as reading, jogging, playing a drone and many else. 

Well, that's all from me. Till we meet again! Thanks for reading this sheet. 안녕

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Can you relate?
Isnin, 25 Februari 2019 | 12:20:00 PG | 5 comments

 Heyyo readers! I'm back! Wassup? Is everything fine? I hope so. For today, I would love to share with you guys about some teenagers posts that I saw pretty relatable and I guess that everyone can relate to it. Could you relate to it? I guess that mostly a lot of people can relate to this including me!

 Let's start with this.. To be honest, I always felt this and will be kinda angry because people just don't give any attentions! It will be kinda embarrassing too. But, gladly, they never know and feel like I'm never talking. So, I can covered it up. HAHAHAHA!

 Who else hate this too? HAHAHA! I can't behave anymore with people like this. Especially when my siblings and my friends did this. They are a spoilers. And I'll be like, "Can you please shut up? I wanna watch this. Don't be such a spoiler!" I'm not hating it. I'm just wanna make it as a surprises. If they keep telling me a story line, how could it be a surprise? Please understand it!!!!

 This things, once happens in my life.

 I'll acted like I know nothing about this okay. Please don't look at me like that!! Huhu. It's scary.

 Till now I still can't get over this statements! What do you think? When I was a child, I always answer Dora. But when I became a teenagers and watch Dora again, I'll be so awkward when she asked a questions and when we don't answer it, she'll be stared at you. It's annoying and creepy too in the same times. Hmm.

  Always happens to me.

 This is relatable. But but but, when I really wanna answer the questions but too shy to volunteer, I will try hard to make an eye contact with the teacher, hoping she/he will called me to answer the questions! Huhu.

 Well, just that. Thanks for reading. I will update more later. Please take care, okay! Bye and sayonara!! :)

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Lost and not found
Selasa, 12 Februari 2019 | 12:09:00 PG | 4 comments

It's can't be describe with words on how much it hurts,
So hurt and she knows that nobody cares at last,
She always be the one who care a lot,
But they don't even care,
Although there's too much tears have dripped,
She still love and care.

"Keep dreaming. You'll be happy, one day"
The words from mom became a spirit for her,
She's keeping on dreaming,
Love and love,
Till it's cut deep like a knife,
It's too hurt until she can't describe it with words.

Try to get up and love it again,
But still, it's cutting her,
She's bleeding,
She's drowning in tears,
She's pretend to be okay,
But her eyes can't lie about it.

She's done and will leave,
She'll fly and fly far far away,
She'll leave everything here,
Including every memories that keep her happy and strong,
She'll be lost and not found.

~Haha, I love to write this. Just for fun!! Love you!~

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We're a survivor
Khamis, 24 Januari 2019 | 5:41:00 PG | 8 comments

 Hey cuties! Well, I'm back with a new entry. Miss you guys so bad! Haha. Did you miss me? Well, not so, yah, okayy..

 We are a fighter, right? We all have something that we need to survive. No matter what it is. Who she/he is. Just wanna say, once, I was a loser. I always surrender with people! If we have any arguments, most of them, I'll be the one to surrender and be like 'okay, you win.' Not because I'm scared or what. I just don't like to make something becomes more serious.

 But now, I will feel so stupid. I'll be like, 'why can't I survive it?' Seriously. I dunno what to say about this. But there's a feeling that I can't hide. I want to survive everything that I want, I love and I need. That's a new me. I am a survivor!

 We're all afraid you know. We're all once have become a loser. And it was experience that teach us to becomes more more better. That's why we have to compare ourselves with who we were yesterday.

 If you love somethin', never let go of it. Never let go of ur dreams. No matter what you're hoping in, it's a dreams. So, never give up on chasing dreams.

If you failed to do a plan A, never give up, don't surrender, there's a lot of alphabet. Proceed with a new alphabet.

Like, you'll have another plans. Just make a new plan. Survive what you love!!

                                         Related image

 Btw, this upcoming Saturday, I have to go to school. Well, I'll be quite sleepy. Lifeeee! Huhu. But, it's okay!

 That's all. Thanks for reading this sheet. See ya in the next entry. Sayonara~

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Be urself, baby. What???
Sabtu, 12 Januari 2019 | 1:50:00 PG | 6 comments

 Hey readers! I'm back with a new entry! Second entry of a 2019! Yesss!! I just want to say that I am so angry and try to cheer myself up! Not cuz of examinations or what! Because of...........A SOCIETY Seriously I'm tired of listening a complaint and a judgement from them!!

 It's not like I'm a stubborn girl who like "Bruh, I don't need any counsel from ya! I'm perfect!" No!! I'm not! I'm a human and yes, I make a lot of mistakes! A lot of sins! We need to try hard for being a good people. It's true??? Please say yessss!! I'm agreee with youuu!!!

 But but but... The things that make me feel uncomfortable, strange and annoying was, we have try our best to be the best, but still, there's an onion who still want to judge me!! And I'll be like...WHAT? WHAT'S THE MATTER? WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???

 Like you know, being too quite, they said that we want to act like we were too beautiful! Being too sociable, the say we want to act like we were too great. Being too happy or laugh more, they say we want to ask an attention! Then, I'll be like, what do you want me to be?? Want me to be a cat? They'll say we want to act like we were too cute. Oh no!

Society be like...
Society: Be urself
Also society: No! Not like that!

 It's okay to judge me. Like, I did a wrong thing or stuffs. Then, you can judge me. Just teach me the correct things. It's okay. I'm okay and I can accept it as a lessons. The things that become the problem is,  when they be like spiteful with us. Then, even we did a right things, they're still complaining about it.

 For an example, I luv pink.

Society: Just be urself
Me: Okay :)
Society: What's ur fav colour?
Me: I luv pink! :)
Society: What? Pink is just for kids. Real womans love black
Me: WHAT??
 See, they judge us! That was I meant! So, stressful and I am so angry. I still can't get over that statement! What's the different between it? No matter what, I still want to be myself! I'll change myself just to be a better person! That's it!

 That's it for today! Thanks for reading my post! Love you! Sayonara!

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2019's journey
Khamis, 10 Januari 2019 | 3:35:00 PG | 4 comments

 Hey guys! How long I'm not updating my blog and here I am. Back on writing! Actually, I miss writing so bad but how could I do? Cuz I have a lot of activities in school to do! So, I need to leave a blogging's world for a while!

  I will faced SPM for this year and it makes me feel so scared and wanna cry! (I just did) What I need to do now???

 And this year will be the last year of my school life! I wanna cry! I can't feel those moments after all anymore! I can't meet my classmates anymore! I can't be scolded by my teachers anymore! I can't see my crush anymore! (hmm, just forget about it) It will be sad! Huhu!

 Just hoping this year will be a really meaningful year. Please, Ya Allah, ease everything for us! I'm also hoping that in this year, we could be something and stop doing something that never contains any benefit. Also hoping we could be so much better than last year.

 Don't compare urself with others, compare urself with who you was yesterday. Insyaallah, you can be better and be more confident to change to be better!!

 I'm also hoping you will be happier and stronger on living in this beautiful world! The most important thing is, I don't want to meet fake people anymore. Fake people are horrible. Please, don't be one of them too. 2018 have teach me everything about them. So, just enough for this times!

 Don't want to repeat those stupid mistakes on this year. And yes, insyaallah, if I have a free time, I will update a new entry. :p

 That's it from me. I'm hoping you will be happy as you pretending to be. Thanks for reading this sheet. I love you! Sayonara.

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My holiday's plan?
Sabtu, 1 Disember 2018 | 10:19:00 PG | 14 comments

 Hey my fellow readers! Wow! It's already December and we will enter to a 2019, very soon. And mostly, December will be a holiday month! Am I right? So, for those who was a student, especially school's student will be so happy!! But not me anymore. It's because of SPM next year. I'm crying! No matter what, I will faced it.

 I can't play around like others anymore. I need to study! To be something, we need to sacrifice. :") Even I like it or hate it, I need to sacrifice. I need to force myself to do a lot of study especially on my math. :""") Oh, please Math! Stop forcing me to find your 'X'!! Move on, dude!!

 So, to release some tension, (I'm not study very hard -.- I'm lazy) I've make a decision to go to visit my grandma for one week! Yeay!! I miss her so much! I can't describe it with words on how much I miss to see her face. Tok!! Tunggu Izzatii!!

 Actually, she miss me too. Hihi~ Yess, she's have been waiting for me! (not only me. There's my siblings too) I knew this when my angah (my mama's brother) told me on Whatsapp that she miss us and keep on asking when will i go to visit her. Tok!! I miss you more!!! <3

 Every year, every December, I must go and visit her for one weeks! For every last year, I'll go visit her earlier. My mean, I'll go visit her on every end of the November but, just for this year, it'll be a little bit late. It's because I need to go to school back for a while to take my form 5's text book. Actually, I want to take it on other day but I though that, I don't want to delay my work so, I've confirmed to settle it on that date. So, I can have a good holiday.

 Well, I know there's someone will feel like "What is this???" on my entry.. -.- It's okay. I'm used to it!! Haha~  Hmm, what's else?? I think, only this I can write for today. Please take care! Have a nice holiday for those who are. Love you. Till me meet again, sayonara!!

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