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best mistake
Isnin, 1 Julai 2019 | 7:49:00 PG | 2 comments

 Hey. It's been a long time and maybe this is the last time I'll write here before I'll take a long hiatus. It's because of some reasons.

  Everyone make a mistake. Some people can't accept it. Ugh, it's somethin' simple if HUMAN make a mistake. We're not angle that perfect. We're only human! So, it's normal for us, human to make a mistake.

  But, there's some people that can't accept it. Me means, can't forgive it. Maybe it must be somethin' serious till they can't forgive it. I understand it. I respect it.

  But for those who have made it, please please please apologies!! Say sorry. It's not hard. Admit ur mistake and apologies. It's up to them wether they wanna forgive it or not. At least, you have say sorry.

  Some people can forgive it but can't forget it. Woah, that's dangerous too. Yeps, maybe those mistakes have left a big scars to them till they can't forget about it. Then, they will be more careful and beware. Or maybe, they won't get through it anymore. Hm.

  Some people choose for not forgive them. They be like, IDGAF. I'M DONE. Then, you need to know that they totally hate you. But at least you try to apologies. If they don't wanna forgive you, it don't matter. What else we can do?

  Sometimes, you don't realize that it was a best mistake that you have made. My means, it teach you a lot about life and how much you need to change yourself. If they can't accept ur mistakes or forgive it, it's up to them. Don't ever look back. Move on and change!! There's still a time.

  Pray for Allah so that they can open their heart to forgive you. What the most important thing is, change. Always pray for Allah. InsyaAllah, Allah will help you too.

  It's okay to make a mistake. We're only human. Admit it, change and never repeat it. Learn from it, okay?

 If you never make it, then you're not human. Even alien maybe have made a mistakes. Haha. That's all. Love ya. Till we meet again!! Wait for my comeback, okay!! Take care!!

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You are beautiful.
Isnin, 17 Jun 2019 | 4:39:00 PG | 2 comments

 A lot of people love black stuffs. Black car, black laptop, black phone, black that, black this. But why do people hate black PEOPLE?

 "Pink is just for kids, real women love black" but still when it comes to men, they will hate it. Excuse me. What do you mean, gurls?

 I don't understand why people need to be this kinda stupid! Even the black people also don't love and care about themselves. Gosh!! What happens to world now?

 What's the problem with having a dark skin color? Why do you wanna be white? I still can't get it!! Please answer me for those who really want a WHITE skin color!!! You know what, you rather waste a lot of ur money to buy a useless product just to be white but you don't care about ur health. Wtf is that?

 For me, whatever skin color is okay and pretty. And for those who always love to bully someone who have a dark skin color, lemme tell you somethin'. YOU'RE SUCK! STOP MAKING PEOPLE FEEL BAD ABOUT THEMSELVES! YOU'RE NOT PERFECT. YOUR SKIN COLOR DON'T GIVE YOU A KEY TO GO THE HEAVEN! It's all about ur manner!

 You know what, you make people feel bad about themselves. My mean, you make them feel ungrateful. You make them feel like they're not special. Not pretty. Not beautiful. They will love to compare themselves with other. They will think that everyone don't love them. Oh, cmon! Can you just stop make others feel that? Not only for others' skin. It's included with their body shapes, hair types, height and everything. Everyone is pretty. All gurl deserve to be loved! Not only a white people! Duh!

 Black is beautiful. Ariana grande prove it. Rihanna also did it. Beyonce also prove the same. I can't understand why a lot of mentalities' people tell them that only white can be beautiful. Why? Black also can be beautiful.

 Black or white is don't matter. The matter is learn to respect others. Don't be such a racist. Think before you say. Nobody is perfect, duh! Don't make others feel bad about themselves. You are beautiful. Black is gorgeous. White is pretty. Short is cute. Tall is lovely. Skinny is classy. Chubby is adorable. You all are special. You are loved. You are matter. Always remember that! Love yourself and someone will love you for who you are. Don't let people bring you down even it's urself. That's it. Bye! Love you. :)

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10 simples questions from friends (last)
Isnin, 10 Jun 2019 | 4:08:00 PG | 2 comments

 Hi my fellow readers. Well, this is the last so I would love to settle this.

9. Ur fav anime?

I love a lot actually but one of it was Naruto.

 He teach me a lot about how we need to survive our dreams and also about love and friendship. It's motivated. You should watch it. It's not for kids cuz a lot of adult love to watch it.

10. What's ur fav subject in school?

 Since 9 y/o, I really love to write everything. My own stupid story and many else. I just love it. So, I love to learn 'bahasa melayu' in school. It's the subject that I'm always waiting for.

 So, that's it. See you guys soon! Bye and take care okay.

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Eid mubarak !!
Isnin, 3 Jun 2019 | 12:30:00 PG | 12 comments

 Time flies so fast and on this Wednesday, all the muslims will celebrate SYAWAL!

 Everyone will be so busy to design their house right?? Haha.. And there's a lot of people will back to their hometown. For those who are, have a safe journey, okay!!

 I am so busy too here hehe. And I bet that all of you was busy either. For those who finally can meet their family will be so happy.

 Ramadhan will leaving us so soon and today was the last tarawih before takbir for tomorrow. I bet a lot of people will feel so sad. Hoping that we still have a chance to meet Ramadhan for the next year. Aamiin.

 Then, on this tuesday, we will together hearing a takbir raya. So peaceful!! There's nothing more beautiful than hearing a takbir raya on syawal's night.

 So, I hope that all of the beautiful's deeds that we have done in Ramadhan can make us become a better muslim than what we  used to be. Hoping that we can keep it and try to improve it more and more. :)

 So, I want to wish you Eid mubarak!! Selamat hari raya aidilfitri. Please take care. Love you.

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Sabtu, 1 Jun 2019 | 8:15:00 PTG | 4 comments

 Helo my fellow readers!!! I'm back again with the new entry. Hehe.

 A lot of people can be fake on their feelings. Not fake a smile. But, hard to admit that they hate someone but can go hangout with them like there's nothing happens.

 An examples, she said that , she hate her. Don't like her. Then on whatsapp's status or anything, she posted some pics with her "enemy" with the caption, "I love her", "my baby", "bestie forever".

 I be like, "wtf?!" I though that you hate her so bad and she be like.. nah, I'm not serious with her.

 It's not like I want you to show to her that you really hate her but for me, don't be such a fake people. For what? What's ur plan? I am so disgusting to know that.

 Me? If I hate someone, I will admit that. But they will never know that I really hate them. Don't want to find an enemy but I'll not be as fake as a plenty of people.

 Even when they ask me to go out with them, I be like.. "it's okay. Just carry on without me there." Cuz I just can't.

 I knew that it's bad to hate others. But being fake, was the worse. So, let's us try to forgive others even though it hard.

 That's all for today!! See ya again okay.. Happy fasting okayy!! Fighting!! Assalamualaikum and bye!!

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10 simple questions from friends (part 4)
Ahad, 26 Mei 2019 | 7:22:00 PTG | 4 comments

 Heyyo fellow readers! I'm back!! Hehe I do really miss the blogging world. Well, I wanna settle this now. Huhu.

7. What's ur fav books?

I love book! But there's a few was my fav and forever will be my fav books!

Here it is...

 Hehe. I love this three okay. It's funny tho. But the funnier was "Hero rebut popular". I love Ain Maisarah's books cuz it's amazing, cute and also lovely.

 And these tho. The story of Khalid Al-Walid was the best. You can go buy it. I love the story of Ana Muslim too. It's cute and funny but have a lot of morals value. I love it.

8. Fav movies

 I love to watch movie too!!!!!!!!! Here is my fav movies.

•kung fu hustle (comedy)

•sweet sixteen (romance)

•bumblebee (actions)

 If you never watch it go and watch it online. It's a lot actually such as marvel's movie, cartoon like madagascar or kung fu panda. I dunno. I have a lot of fav movies. XD but I just listed these three.

9. Things you hate?

 There's not too much about the things that I hate. Hm, what haa? Okay..okay first, I hate to live in the places that full of people.

 I will feel annoyed and not comfortable. I just hate it. Hahaha!!

 Then, I hate to see people being suppressed. Like, the innocent victims that do not know what to do to back themselves up. And others will just seeing it without any symphaty, emphaty and without helping them. It's UNFORGIVABLE for me. Humanity is needed now. And please be brave and help them to fight for the justice.

 Lastly, I hate when someone interrupt my focus while I am doing my MATH!! Please go awayyy!! Leave me alone with my math, and my earphone on. I will be so angry. (kalau aku pandai math tak pa aa gak. -.-)

 Okay, that's all. Last two questions I will answer it soon. Wait for it ha. Ermm, one more questions is from onee-san. (What's my fav subject in school). Okay, take care!! Selamat berpuasa and bye bye!!

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Ahad, 5 Mei 2019 | 1:54:00 PTG | 6 comments

 Heyyooo my fellow readers!! I'm back! Salam ramadhan for muslims!! May this ramadhan will be something and better!! Aminn!

 It's sahur now. What are you guys eating for? You must be so sleepy. Hehe. Same here but there's a lot of benefit you can get when you eat sahur.

I am so happy and interested to start fasting. And yeps, today was Bahasa Melayu's paper. (exam) Please wish me luck!! Hoping it will be easy to answer. (I'm so hoping) 

Well, for those who always skip fasting and try to change, I wish you, all the best! Fighting!! Try to control your nafs. Try the best, okay. Past is past, okay. Fasting is so good for your health. It's contain you a lot of advantages. 

Let's together we do a lot of prayer so that we can be something and loved by Allah.. 

Don't just go sleeping everytimes. Makes a lot of ibadat. 

For a man, try to not skip terawih. You only can do terawih during Ramadhan. So, you will be loss if you skip it without any specific reasons. It's sunat, ya know. :3

Well, that's all for today. May Allah bless us with love. Good luck! That's all. Thanks!! Byeee!!

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