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Be urself, baby. What???
Sabtu, 12 Januari 2019 | 1:50:00 PG | 6 comments

 Hey readers! I'm back with a new entry! Second entry of a 2019! Yesss!! I just want to say that I am so angry and try to cheer myself up! Not cuz of examinations or what! Because of...........A SOCIETY Seriously I'm tired of listening a complaint and a judgement from them!!

 It's not like I'm a stubborn girl who like "Bruh, I don't need any counsel from ya! I'm perfect!" No!! I'm not! I'm a human and yes, I make a lot of mistakes! A lot of sins! We need to try hard for being a good people. It's true??? Please say yessss!! I'm agreee with youuu!!!

 But but but... The things that make me feel uncomfortable, strange and annoying was, we have try our best to be the best, but still, there's an onion who still want to judge me!! And I'll be like...WHAT? WHAT'S THE MATTER? WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???

 Like you know, being too quite, they said that we want to act like we were too beautiful! Being too sociable, the say we want to act like we were too great. Being too happy or laugh more, they say we want to ask an attention! Then, I'll be like, what do you want me to be?? Want me to be a cat? They'll say we want to act like we were too cute. Oh no!

Society be like...
Society: Be urself
Also society: No! Not like that!

 It's okay to judge me. Like, I did a wrong thing or stuffs. Then, you can judge me. Just teach me the correct things. It's okay. I'm okay and I can accept it as a lessons. The things that become the problem is,  when they be like spiteful with us. Then, even we did a right things, they're still complaining about it.

 For an example, I luv pink.

Society: Just be urself
Me: Okay :)
Society: What's ur fav colour?
Me: I luv pink! :)
Society: What? Pink is just for kids. Real womans love black
Me: WHAT??
 See, they judge us! That was I meant! So, stressful and I am so angry. I still can't get over that statement! What's the different between it? No matter what, I still want to be myself! I'll change myself just to be a better person! That's it!

 That's it for today! Thanks for reading my post! Love you! Sayonara!

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2019's journey
Khamis, 10 Januari 2019 | 3:35:00 PG | 4 comments

 Hey guys! How long I'm not updating my blog and here I am. Back on writing! Actually, I miss writing so bad but how could I do? Cuz I have a lot of activities in school to do! So, I need to leave a blogging's world for a while!

  I will faced SPM for this year and it makes me feel so scared and wanna cry! (I just did) What I need to do now???

 And this year will be the last year of my school life! I wanna cry! I can't feel those moments after all anymore! I can't meet my classmates anymore! I can't be scolded by my teachers anymore! I can't see my crush anymore! (hmm, just forget about it) It will be sad! Huhu!

 Just hoping this year will be a really meaningful year. Please, Ya Allah, ease everything for us! I'm also hoping that in this year, we could be something and stop doing something that never contains any benefit. Also hoping we could be so much better than last year.

 Don't compare urself with others, compare urself with who you was yesterday. Insyaallah, you can be better and be more confident to change to be better!!

 I'm also hoping you will be happier and stronger on living in this beautiful world! The most important thing is, I don't want to meet fake people anymore. Fake people are horrible. Please, don't be one of them too. 2018 have teach me everything about them. So, just enough for this times!

 Don't want to repeat those stupid mistakes on this year. And yes, insyaallah, if I have a free time, I will update a new entry. :p

 That's it from me. I'm hoping you will be happy as you pretending to be. Thanks for reading this sheet. I love you! Sayonara.

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My holiday's plan?
Sabtu, 1 Disember 2018 | 10:19:00 PG | 14 comments

 Hey my fellow readers! Wow! It's already December and we will enter to a 2019, very soon. And mostly, December will be a holiday month! Am I right? So, for those who was a student, especially school's student will be so happy!! But not me anymore. It's because of SPM next year. I'm crying! No matter what, I will faced it.

 I can't play around like others anymore. I need to study! To be something, we need to sacrifice. :") Even I like it or hate it, I need to sacrifice. I need to force myself to do a lot of study especially on my math. :""") Oh, please Math! Stop forcing me to find your 'X'!! Move on, dude!!

 So, to release some tension, (I'm not study very hard -.- I'm lazy) I've make a decision to go to visit my grandma for one week! Yeay!! I miss her so much! I can't describe it with words on how much I miss to see her face. Tok!! Tunggu Izzatii!!

 Actually, she miss me too. Hihi~ Yess, she's have been waiting for me! (not only me. There's my siblings too) I knew this when my angah (my mama's brother) told me on Whatsapp that she miss us and keep on asking when will i go to visit her. Tok!! I miss you more!!! <3

 Every year, every December, I must go and visit her for one weeks! For every last year, I'll go visit her earlier. My mean, I'll go visit her on every end of the November but, just for this year, it'll be a little bit late. It's because I need to go to school back for a while to take my form 5's text book. Actually, I want to take it on other day but I though that, I don't want to delay my work so, I've confirmed to settle it on that date. So, I can have a good holiday.

 Well, I know there's someone will feel like "What is this???" on my entry.. -.- It's okay. I'm used to it!! Haha~  Hmm, what's else?? I think, only this I can write for today. Please take care! Have a nice holiday for those who are. Love you. Till me meet again, sayonara!!

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Rain segment by Seizza Fathya
Jumaat, 30 November 2018 | 6:34:00 PG | 6 comments

 Hey guys! Well, I got tagged by Hen. Thank you so much for tagging me. Let's get start. Btw, who wanna join this, you can go to Rain segment by Seizza Fathya

 Let's get start!

Follow blog Seizza. Link dah bagi kat atas. Kalau boleh, screenshot

Izzati dah follow tau ^^

Copy gambar di atas

Segmen sampai 25 Disember

Tag dua kawan
Hmm, izzati tag Tasya dengan Yasmin

Ready set go.

Hujan deras

Apa yang kau akan lakukan jika sedang hujan deras?
Actually, I'm a rain lover. So, izzati akan keluar dari rumah dan main dengan hujan tu! Kecuali kalau ada kilat, baru stay kat rumah dan baca buku sambil dengar lagu pakai headphone. :)

Apa kau pernah sendirian di rumah terus, lampu mati ketika hujan deras?
Pernah. It's scary. :(

Apa kau pernah hujan-hujanan dengan keluarga/temanmu
Pernah masa pergi tengok my bigbro lawan bola. Pakai daun pisang sahaja sebab lupa nak sediakan payung but it's okay for me. I love to play with rain. :D

Apa kau pernah baca buku di luar ketika sedang hujan deras?
Pernah!! Hehe~

Apa kau pernah makan-makan di luar saat hujan deras?
Pernah. That's time I went to 'Pesta' then, I eat a burger. Sedap makan burger waktu hujan! Huhu~

Apa kau pernah baca webtoon saat hujan deras + apa webtoon favoritmu??
So sorry, I never read any webtoon yet. But maybe, soon, I'll try. :)

Apa kau pernah ke warung terus kau terjebak hujan deras di sana?
So far, not yet.

Apa kau pernah saat selesai jemur baju lalu beberapa minit/jam kemudian, turun hujan deras?
Selalu kena! Then, kena keluar baliklah dengan kelam kabutnya angkat semua jemuran tu. Huhu~

Apa kau pernah sedang jogging bersama teman, lalu di tengah perjalanan hujan deras?
So far, not yet. But I hope someday this will happen. Hahahaha~

Apa kau pernah, pulang sekolah/dari tempat agak jauh, terus ditengah perjalan hujan deras?
Always happen when I want to go to school, or back from school. Tak suka sangat kalau basah bila nak pergi/balik sekolah sebab nanti buku-buku sekolah akan basah sekali. I'm crying. T.T

Apa kau pernah main kapal-kapalan ketika hujanan?
Selalu mainn! Izzati akan ambil kertas warna then, buat satu origami kapal. Lepas tu, izzati akan letak dekat tempat yang bertakung dengan air hujan dan biarkan ia pergi begitu aja. Huhu~ I love doing that... :)

Apa kau pernah berenang lalu hujan?
Never happen yet. :")


Apa kau pernah main di taman/diaman gitu...terus tiba-tiba hujan??
Yes. I'll play outside of my house than it will start raining and I will proceed by playing with the rain. Huhu~

Apa kau pernah, pas lagi ngo-jek dan berhenti di depan warung makan/yang lain terus hujan, saat kau lapar dan terpaksa membeli makanan di sana?
So far, not yet.

Apa kau pernah, sedang piknik/jalan-jalan sambil makan lalu gerimis?
I think, I experienced it but I just can't remember. Sorry.

Apa kau pernah sedang main sepeda lalu gerimis deras?
Jarang main, basikal actually. :')

Apa kau pernah lagi makan di kantin/jajan di sekolah lalu tak bisa ke mana-mana kerana gerimis deras?

Apa kau pernah sedang, nonton-nonton di hp/laptop/kantin/dll saat gerimis?
Tak pernah lagi.

Saat selesai hujan

Apa kau pernah sehabis hujan main kapal-kapalan diselokan?
Pernah. I love it. ^^

Apa kau pernah, nangkap yuyu (kepiting selokan) setelah hujan?

Apa kau pernah, main kemana gitu, saat sudah selesai hujan, lalu menginjak air yang ada di jalan dengan keras, sampai terciprat?
Sometimes, I need to. It's enjoyable too ya know! ^^

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 It's look amazing ^^ Same also with Hen, tak ready nak tukar skin blog ni. I still loving this theme. Hehe~ But I enjoy join this segment.  Btw thank you for the segment and thanks again Hen sebab sudi tag saya!! This is enjoyable!! Till we meet again!! Good luck and sayonara...

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How about your dream???
Rabu, 28 November 2018 | 12:21:00 PG | 4 comments

 Maybe you're sad. You're tension, stress, depress. Then, you want to make everyone happy cuz you don't want them to feel the same thing that you feel now. Cuz you know, how it really feel to be sad and depress. So, you try hard to live in their dreams. To make them happy. But, how about your feels? About your dreams? Who cares about it? Did you ask yourself?

 It's all about them right? It's all about their happiness right? How about yours? Did they noticed about your sadness? Did they know how much you sad and you want someone to notice it that you just hide your pain by using your smile. It's about people who always looks happy like they never faced problems in life. But in their heart, who knows?

 You try so hard to make them happy. But, they don't ever want to ask about you? Yes, cuz they can't listen to your heart. They can't looks into your eyes deeply, on how much you hide your tears. What kind of people is that? They just think about their sadness and never guess that everyone has their own problem. No one can run from problem.

 They always told you about their dreams. They want to be everything. But, when you said and tell about your dreams, they just don't care. They will think that they are better. So, you just work hard for it. Go through your dreams. Chase it. Don't care about other's people dream.

Life is too short to be living in other's people dream. Stop doing it and start living yours.

 They know what they do to chase their dreams. Same goes to you. Focus on your journey. Don't think too much of other's people story. You need to love yourself. It's important. It's because they don't care too much about yours. Don't trust people blindly. Life is full of fake people, fake love, fake hope and fake promise. Be careful on loving people. Don't love too much, don't hate too much.

 People change easily, ya know. Maybe now, they love you, but for the next times? Who know? Be smart.

 Well, just that. We all deserves happiness. Till we meet again. Sayonara. :)

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Happy is the only reason
Isnin, 19 November 2018 | 11:02:00 PTG | 6 comments

 Hey my fellow readers. I knew, there's a lot of people try to be the best for the person that their truly love. No matter who they are. They must be very lucky cuz there's someone who appreciate and love them until they want to force themselves to be the best. But, did you ask yourself? Did you grateful with it? Did you glad?

 Yeah, some kind of people really don't care at all about the people who really love them and yesss they will never appreciate it. They just ignore them and feel like they never become so special in their heart at least just a little. I feel so confused. Didn't they feel so guilty about it? At least some guilty, I hope they keep it.

 And for all people who really chase after people who never appreciate you. Always care about people who never care about you at all, here some words I would like to tell you.

 Please respect yourself enough. It's not like you don't love them. It's because they just don't care. Just open your eyes. There's a lot of people who still love you such as your parents, siblings, true friends and moree. They want to see you happy. Don't be sad for too long just for people who just don't care. If they love you, they won't do that.

 Don't be too silly for collecting love from people who just don't care. Who were so mean to give love to you.

 I'm not allowing you to do something bad. Just want you to move on and stop being silly. That's it. If they love you, they will appreciate you and will love you for who you are. You are too nice to ask attention from people who never care. I bet, they will realized how much they lost someone who truly love them when they cannot find you in every people that they met.

 And one more thing, you're allowed to cry over someone but just once. Until you feel okay and then you can move on. But just promise me, you won't crying over the same thing anymore.

 Well, that's all for today. Always remember, you still have your parents who always love you, your siblings who always support you, your true friends who always make you smile and others people who always there for you. You never walk alone :) Allah always with you too. Be glad and grateful.

 Till we meet again. I love you. Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Bye! :)

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Anime review
Jumaat, 9 November 2018 | 8:25:00 PTG | 4 comments

 Hola my fellow readers. So, today, I'm going to give a review about anime that have been watched. It's a litte bit like recommendation  Haha~ I dunno. If you feel like it's kind of interesting, you can go and watch it. InsyaAllah it can be your favorite! ^^ Haha~

  1. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No uso (Your lie in April) 

 This anime will make you cry! I bet! The anime story about Kousei Arima who was a pianist and then meet a pretty violinist, Kaori Miyazono. Kaori do really love Kousei Arima since she first saw his piano's performance. And then, she willing to tell a small lies that she loves Kousei's bestfriend, Watari Ryota just want to be close to Kousei. Kousei really admit that Kaori already changes his life a lot. If you want to know more about this anime, go and watch it. Of course, you will love it. 

    2. Handa-Kun

 Maybe Your lie in April will make you cry but, this anime will make you laugh. Seriously, this anime really funny and entertaining. It's story about Handa. If you watch Barakamon, you will know. Handa was a calligrapher. Handa always feel like everyone hate him. But he never knew that  many girls have a crush on him. Every boys want to be like him and automatically make him as their idol. 

 But, there are four man who really obsessed with him. Aizawa, Yukio, Reo and Tsusui. Yukio not too obsess with Handa but just feel weird about the three more. They will do anything just to protect Handa. Until they willing to be Handa's stalker. There's a lot of incident that happens everytime. 

 I really confirmed you will be enjoyed while watching this anime. It's really funny. 

  3. Zankyou No Terror (Terror in resonances) 

 My favorite anime ever! Seriously. The genre of the anime was action. Tells a story about two boys, Nine and Twelve. Both of them was a terrorist. They will always attack Tokyo by bombing the building. They will give a riddle to solve while using the other nickname, Sphinx 1 and sphinx 2 so, nobody can detect them. 

 They meet Lisa, the girl who has a problem with her mother. She feel so stressed and leave her home. It's kinda hard to explain more detail about this anime except you go and watch it. This anime was different than any other anime. It's really incredible and catchy. My anime crush also was from this anime. I do really love twelve. Hehe~ But, he like Lisa. But, it's more action ya know and the ending was so sad. I'm crying after watch the ending of this anime. 

  4.  Kyoukai No Kanata (Beyond The Boundary)

 I'm not sure but I'm not too understand about the story. Haha~ Silly me. But it doesn't mean that I don't understand everything. It's action too. There's a girl name Mirai Kuriyama who has a superpower.  She has a sword who made by blood ya know! It's scary! She will feel so sad because she think that she is weird and not normal. Huhu. I guess she has a crush on Akihito Kanbara. And I guess Akihito have a same feeling toward her too. I dunno how to explain more detail. But you can watch the anime. Maybe you will understand it. But the story is interesting and good tho. So sad because I'm not watching the movie yet.

  5. Tokyo Ghoul

 I bet this anime will be your favorite. It's story about Kaneki Ken who become a ghoul after meeting with a really pretty girl named Rize Kamishiro. Because of her, Kaneki's personality aready changes and becoming a ghoul. He already can't live like a normal human you know. You should watch this. It's an incredible tho.  And I love his fight with Jason. Btw, I love his mask. :3 And before I forget, you can watch the live action movie too. Looks so real and epic. Hehe...

 Well, just that. There's a lot actually. Such as death note, attack on titan and charlotte. I'm not like too much about a romance anime. But your lie in April was lovely. The story line was so beautiful and yeah, different from others anime's romance.

 Thank you for watching. Please take care. Till we meet again. Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Sayonara! :3

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