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10 simple questions from friends (part 4)
Ahad, 26 Mei 2019 | 7:22:00 PTG | 0 comments

 Heyyo fellow readers! I'm back!! Hehe I do really miss the blogging world. Well, I wanna settle this now. Huhu.

7. What's ur fav books?

I love book! But there's a few was my fav and forever will be my fav books!

Here it is...

 Hehe. I love this three okay. It's funny tho. But the funnier was "Hero rebut popular". I love Ain Maisarah's books cuz it's amazing, cute and also lovely.

 And these tho. The story of Khalid Al-Walid was the best. You can go buy it. I love the story of Ana Muslim too. It's cute and funny but have a lot of morals value. I love it.

8. Fav movies

 I love to watch movie too!!!!!!!!! Here is my fav movies.

•kung fu hustle (comedy)

•sweet sixteen (romance)

•bumblebee (actions)

 If you never watch it go and watch it online. It's a lot actually such as marvel's movie, cartoon like madagascar or kung fu panda. I dunno. I have a lot of fav movies. XD but I just listed these three.

9. Things you hate?

 There's not too much about the things that I hate. Hm, what haa? Okay..okay first, I hate to live in the places that full of people.

 I will feel annoyed and not comfortable. I just hate it. Hahaha!!

 Then, I hate to see people being suppressed. Like, the innocent victims that do not know what to do to back themselves up. And others will just seeing it without any symphaty, emphaty and without helping them. It's UNFORGIVABLE for me. Humanity is needed now. And please be brave and help them to fight for the justice.

 Lastly, I hate when someone interrupt my focus while I am doing my MATH!! Please go awayyy!! Leave me alone with my math, and my earphone on. I will be so angry. (kalau aku pandai math tak pa aa gak. -.-)

 Okay, that's all. Last two questions I will answer it soon. Wait for it ha. Ermm, one more questions is from onee-san. (What's my fav subject in school). Okay, take care!! Selamat berpuasa and bye bye!!

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Ahad, 5 Mei 2019 | 1:54:00 PTG | 6 comments

 Heyyooo my fellow readers!! I'm back! Salam ramadhan for muslims!! May this ramadhan will be something and better!! Aminn!

 It's sahur now. What are you guys eating for? You must be so sleepy. Hehe. Same here but there's a lot of benefit you can get when you eat sahur.

I am so happy and interested to start fasting. And yeps, today was Bahasa Melayu's paper. (exam) Please wish me luck!! Hoping it will be easy to answer. (I'm so hoping) 

Well, for those who always skip fasting and try to change, I wish you, all the best! Fighting!! Try to control your nafs. Try the best, okay. Past is past, okay. Fasting is so good for your health. It's contain you a lot of advantages. 

Let's together we do a lot of prayer so that we can be something and loved by Allah.. 

Don't just go sleeping everytimes. Makes a lot of ibadat. 

For a man, try to not skip terawih. You only can do terawih during Ramadhan. So, you will be loss if you skip it without any specific reasons. It's sunat, ya know. :3

Well, that's all for today. May Allah bless us with love. Good luck! That's all. Thanks!! Byeee!!

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oh my exam!!
Jumaat, 3 Mei 2019 | 7:07:00 PG | 8 comments

 heyo my fellow readers!! huhu.. so, for this moments (2 weeks), I'm going to be quite busy. Cuz of what? Hehe. I will stop blogging for a while. Just for a while cuz of a preparations.
 Well, also, i have somethin' busy to do. It's because of my art's exam. So, I'll be more busy cuz I need to stay in school to settle my art.

 Hoping it will be fine. Please, wish me luck okay. In July, after eid, I have to send it to my teacher. So, no time for blogging. I need to settle it ASAP (as soon as possible)

 And and and, ramadhan will come soon. Ha, dah ganti puasa ke belum? (for those who need especially woman) hehe.. fighting okayy!! can't wait to celebrate ramadhan!!

 My exam also will starting from this upcoming monday.. (2 weeks okay).. Ugh, wish me luck too, about it, okay!! Even i'm not ready for it!! T.T

 Well, for the questions that you gave, I'll answer it soon but you need to wait for it. I'm kinda busy with my art work now. Huehuehue...

 Well, I need to sacrifice, huh? I hope I can do it, insyaallah.

 Please wish me luck, okay. See ya in the next entry!! bye bye..

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10 simple questions from friends (part 3)
Khamis, 2 Mei 2019 | 1:56:00 PG | 6 comments

 Heyoo my fellow readers! I'm back.. Well, fof today I'm goin' to proceed with the Q&A..  Well, now we're in number 5 and 6!! LET'S GET STARTING!!

5. What's in ur wallet/purse.

Why you wanna know it??? It's okay. I'll answer it without any doubt. welk :p

First, lemme show you my kawaii unics' purse.

 Tadaaa~ it's kawaii right? right? right? i used it since 2k17. now, it's already 2019 and i still love it. I'm a type of a person who hard to replace somethin' easily. muahaha.

 My purse is not like yours! (berlagaknyaaa :p) seriously. Don't trust me?

 Told you, bruh! There's a mirror mirror on the wall. who's pretty in the world. It makes me easy to style my hijab and also looks at my annoying's face. :p (biasala, kadang² berminyak) hmmm..

 Okay, what's in there? cey cey cey. Here it is...

 There's my school's scan card. Munshian (student of munshi) need to scan our attendance when we arrived in school. It's a way more easy, huh? don chu thing the same?

 My face will came out in the screen. Omg! how embarassing. Then, I'll make sure that there's no one there so baru scan. :p

 Next was....

 Hehe just a polaroids. Ignore that. welk :p

 Then, there's a quote from jilbab traveler and my lovely grandmama's pic there. Give me inspirations and strenght.

 Enough for this. Only that. It just a purse, not a bag.

6. Ur biggest fears?

 do you mean my phobia? i have two phobia, huh. Just two.

 First, i do really scared of a clown. While other kids went to 'pesta' of any carnival will be happy when they saw a clown and there's me will hug my mama and crying!!

 When they came near to me, I will shout really loud. I'll be like. "damn, you! go away, you, scary creepy clown." Till now I still scared of it. My friends will take it as a joke. -.-

 Lastly, the reptile animal. Yes, lizard, crocodile and snake. How disgusting. Erkkk... I will have a headache just when I saw them.

 Please don't make any of my fears as a joke cuz i can faint and falling sick. Please please don't you ever.

 Well, that's all. See ya in the next answer. Bye! <3

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10 simple questions from friends (part 2)
Sabtu, 27 April 2019 | 2:17:00 PG | 4 comments

 Assalamualaikum and hiii! Welcome to this simple Q&A. For those feel free to read this. Come and read it. And if you're not. Leave this sheet with respect okay.

 Now, we're in no. 3 and 4. So, let's get starting!! I want to settle this, quickly.


I have a lot of favorite snacks! I want to tell you something, It will be a lot to list it. But, I love cloud 9. It's very yummy and give me a lot of energy. I dunno why, as the food lovers like me, I have no fav snacks or food. I love to eat a lot of food. As long as it's halal.


I have a lot of fav quotes too. (Izzati you love too many things, huh?) Okay, for this time, I just wanna share with you at least 3 quotes only.

 Always inspired me.

I love this movie so much. It really inspired me.


 That's it. I will update more. Thanks for reading. Catch you later!

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10 simple questions from friends (Part 1)
Selasa, 23 April 2019 | 5:36:00 PG | 6 comments

 Assalamualaikum and hey my fellow readers! Hehe, well for today I wanna answer some random and simple questions from you guys who always asking it. Hihi. So, I gave a chance to ask at least 2 questions. For those who want to know me better will ask it from me.

 They have done ask it and now it's time for me to answer it. Without wasting times let's get starting!!

 I have edited it so that it would be easy. This is the questions that others always ask from me. In gmail, whatsapp and blog. Mostly, they're the friends from other country. So, to make it easy, I want to write it in here. Huhu.

 So, every week I will answer at least 2 questions from you among all of this questions. Maybe 3 or 2. Insyaallah. So, please give me a space to answer it, okay. :)

 For those who want to read it, feel free to read it. If you feel like this post was kind of (ergh, who wanna know you?) please leave. I repeat, please leave okay, haa.

 Let's start with the first question.


My height? Why do you wanna know it? My height is 153 cm.


Who's my idol? I have a lot of idols if you want to know. Hehe. one of my idol was Ibn Battuta. Do you know him? Every muslim need to know him. He was a muslim traveller who travel all around the world without any transport. Imagine it! It's amazing right?

 I do really adore him. His story give me a lot of inspirations to explore this beautiful world. Insyaallah. :)

 Well, just that. I will update more. Your questions will be answered. Trust me okayyy. :)

 See you later okay! Bye!

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Humans are the real monsters
Sabtu, 20 April 2019 | 7:02:00 PG | 2 comments

 Sometimes I just don't understand what humans need to satisfy their heart. They love to see pain. They love to see someone suffer from pain. I feel so sad to know this. It's hurt and it's true. Child and animal's abuses, bombing everywhere without any sympathy, bully. I still can't understand why human get to be like this.

Where's the hope that belief in humanity? 

 We, human were so selfish about everything. We're a real coward. Hurt someone who is weaker than us. We need to defend others. Not attacking them. We are the real terrorist in this world. Not animal, not plants not nothing but us. HUMAN!

 At least have some sympathy and empathy. Remember, KIFARAH is EXIST. What you give, you will get it back. Always remember that, okay. Allah always watching what you do. No matter who you are. You will get the punishment for what you've done to others. Just wait and see.

 When I was a child, I was afraid of a monsters. But when I'm getting older, I realized that humans were more scarier.

 Let's us pray for Syria, Palestine, New Zealand and many else and others that innocent. May Allah bless us. I love you. :)

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