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Anime review
Jumaat, 9 November 2018 | 8:25:00 PTG | 2 comments

 Hola my fellow readers. So, today, I'm going to give a review about anime that have been watched. It's a litte bit like recommendation  Haha~ I dunno. If you feel like it's kind of interesting, you can go and watch it. InsyaAllah it can be your favorite! ^^ Haha~

  1. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No uso (Your lie in April) 

 This anime will make you cry! I bet! The anime story about Kousei Arima who was a pianist and then meet a pretty violinist, Kaori Miyazono. Kaori do really love Kousei Arima since she first saw his piano's performance. And then, she willing to tell a small lies that she loves Kousei's bestfriend, Watari Ryota just want to be close to Kousei. Kousei really admit that Kaori already changes his life a lot. If you want to know more about this anime, go and watch it. Of course, you will love it. 

    2. Handa-Kun

 Maybe Your lie in April will make you cry but, this anime will make you laugh. Seriously, this anime really funny and entertaining. It's story about Handa. If you watch Barakamon, you will know. Handa was a calligrapher. Handa always feel like everyone hate him. But he never knew that  many girls have a crush on him. Every boys want to be like him and automatically make him as their idol. 

 But, there are four man who really obsessed with him. Aizawa, Yukio, Reo and Tsusui. Yukio not too obsess with Handa but just feel weird about the three more. They will do anything just to protect Handa. Until they willing to be Handa's stalker. There's a lot of incident that happens everytime. 

 I really confirmed you will be enjoyed while watching this anime. It's really funny. 

  3. Zankyou No Terror (Terror in resonances) 

 My favorite anime ever! Seriously. The genre of the anime was action. Tells a story about two boys, Nine and Twelve. Both of them was a terrorist. They will always attack Tokyo by bombing the building. They will give a riddle to solve while using the other nickname, Sphinx 1 and sphinx 2 so, nobody can detect them. 

 They meet Lisa, the girl who has a problem with her mother. She feel so stressed and leave her home. It's kinda hard to explain more detail about this anime except you go and watch it. This anime was different than any other anime. It's really incredible and catchy. My anime crush also was from this anime. I do really love twelve. Hehe~ But, he like Lisa. But, it's more action ya know and the ending was so sad. I'm crying after watch the ending of this anime. 

  4.  Kyoukai No Kanata (Beyond The Boundary)

 I'm not sure but I'm not too understand about the story. Haha~ Silly me. But it doesn't mean that I don't understand everything. It's action too. There's a girl name Mirai Kuriyama who has a superpower.  She has a sword who made by blood ya know! It's scary! She will feel so sad because she think that she is weird and not normal. Huhu. I guess she has a crush on Akihito Kanbara. And I guess Akihito have a same feeling toward her too. I dunno how to explain more detail. But you can watch the anime. Maybe you will understand it. But the story is interesting and good tho. So sad because I'm not watching the movie yet.

  5. Tokyo Ghoul

 I bet this anime will be your favorite. It's story about Kaneki Ken who become a ghoul after meeting with a really pretty girl named Rize Kamishiro. Because of her, Kaneki's personality aready changes and becoming a ghoul. He already can't live like a normal human you know. You should watch this. It's an incredible tho.  And I love his fight with Jason. Btw, I love his mask. :3 And before I forget, you can watch the live action movie too. Looks so real and epic. Hehe...

 Well, just that. There's a lot actually. Such as death note, attack on titan and charlotte. I'm not like too much about a romance anime. But your lie in April was lovely. The story line was so beautiful and yeah, different from others anime's romance.

 Thank you for watching. Please take care. Till we meet again. Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Sayonara! :3

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Fav song and the line of the lyrics
Rabu, 7 November 2018 | 4:47:00 PG | 6 comments

 Hey readers! Well, I'm not busy today. So, I would like to share with you guys about my fav line from each fav song!! Maybe, there's some of my fav song that you never heard before. So, you can go and search it and maybe it will be your fav song too. Hehe~ So, let's get starting!!

  The first song was by Kelly Clarkson, Catch my breath

You helped me see the beauty in everything

 From all, this was my favorite line from the song. I dunno why but for me, this line is amazing.

 Next was Hall of fame by The Script and will.i.am

You can throw your hands up, you can be the clock, you can move a mountain, you can break rocks, you can be a master, don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you can find yourself. Standing in a hall of fame and the world's gonna know your name
 For me, this song got the best songwriters. This song really motivated us to be the best. The lyrics tell us to try all of our best to chase our dreams and make it comes true. This song was really inspiring. If you never heard it before, I really wanna force you to go and hear it. I guarantee that you will love it.

 Proceed. Next song was Idol by BTS.

I know what I am, I know what I want, I never gon' change, I never gon' trade
 Who is an ARMY here? Hehe~ I'm not an army but I love their song. ^^ So, this song also was really inspiring, for me. The song, the choreography, was really great and awesome. That line was sang by Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon). I just love it. The whole lyrics also was great. I just love it. The song give me motivation to love and appreciate myself and for who I am.

 Next song was by BTS too. Mic Drop

You though I was gonna fail but I'm fine sorry

 That was my favorite line. Haha~ It's actually have been translated. I dunno why. Seriously the line was great for me. That line was sang by Suga (Min Yoongi)  I understand what he's trying to inform us from that line but I just don't know how to explain it here. But it's okay. Go and watch the MV. So, amazing and awesome.. ^^

 Next song was Malay's song. Pantas by Hanie Soraya.

Pantas waktu kan berlalu, lantas kan ku kejarmu, berlari takkan berhenti, berani ku mengejar mimpi

 My favorite song too. This song also tell us for never surrender to chase our dream. Don't waste your time. Take the chances and made it. This song really beautiful. I love it.

  Fynn Jamal, Terbang tunduk

Tuhan jangan kau izin aku lupa, jangan kau biarkan aku mendepang dada, pasakkan hatiku pada kaki, paksakan ku tunduk sehingga mati 

  •  This song also got the best songwriters. Seriously I want to say, the song was really great and so meaningful. If you never heard it, just go search for it. You will love it.

Next song was Forever rain by Rap Monster from BTS.

Cuz the umbrella would cover the sad face, cuz in rain people are busy minding themselves 

 Seriously, this song such an incredible. The lyrics was so beautiful and his voice was so melodious. The lyrics also was meaningful and a little bit sad for me but still calm and pretty.

 Other than that, Fake love by BTS.

I dunno I dunno I dunno why. Even though even though I don't know myself. I just know I just know I just know why. Cuz it's all fake love, fake love, fake love. 
 Fake love was one of my fav song of all the time. This song absolutely so sad and beautiful. That was my fav line from the song! Okay, next song..

Maher Zain, Number one for me

I'd like to put a smile on your face everyday
 This song was so so beautiful. It's for our mom. The song was so melodious too. I love it.

 Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille

I want to see you smile, know that means I'll have to leave

 If you never hear it. I just want you to go hear it first then you will understand the deep meaning of that line. I'm crying. The song was sad even though the titled was 'Happier'. The MV was more sadder. I'm crying after watch the MV. It's sad but meaningful. I need a tissue now. :"

 Okay, just that for today. Actually, it's a lot. InsyaAllah next time I will do a part 2!! Any recommendation of other song that I need to hear? English song? Malay? Korea? Japan? Hindi? Anything?? You can tell me in the comment section. Maybe I will love it. Thanks for reading my entry. Till we meet again. Take care. Bye!! Love ya!

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Some cute words for you! ^^
Sabtu, 3 November 2018 | 10:48:00 PTG | 4 comments

  Helo my fellow readers! It's been a long time I never update this blog and here, I'm back! Haha! Actually, I'm too busy with my works and of course my final exams. Alhamdulillah! Everything is done and the results of my final exam not too bad except my math. I'm crying ya know. T.T

 But but but!! I do really want to tell some words to you. Kind of inspiration words to you but no too inspire. Hehe~ But I hope this will make you feel better and of course will make you love and appreciate yourself.

 I know some of you will compare yourself with other people who are better than you. No matter what kind of. Hmm, such as the beauty, ability, intelligence and more. But, have you ever see the people who are below you? Who don't have what you have now? Who do really hope that their life will be like yours?

 Ask yourself. Did you appreciate yourself? Did you glad? If you want to know, me also would like to compare myself with people who are above me. It makes me feel like... I totally hate myself. But, when I think about some people who are hoping that their life will be like mine, I realize that I should be glad with what I have now. I love myself. I love my family, my friends and more.

 We need to be glad with what we have now. Just feel that nothing can't stop you from loving yourself. Appreciate yourself. Don't too satisfied people just to make every single of them happy. You're just you no matter what. There's a lot of people who still love you. Just the way you are. :)

 You can't find a happiness if you still compare yourself with others. Just compare yourself with you who were yesterday. Try to change for being a better person. If you be yourself, the real people will love the real you. So, never surrender to be a better person.

 And one more, life is too short to live in others peoples' dream. Just stop doing it and start living yours. :)

 Well, just that. I hope this will make you feel better. Till we meet again. Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Bye! :) Sayonara!!

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Try to improve it
Khamis, 6 September 2018 | 1:40:00 PG | 12 comments

 Hola my kawaii readers! I'm back! Yeah, I'm so sorry for not update my blog for a long time!! Well, you need to know that I am so busy now with my school activities. Such as stay at school with friends to do a group discussions, doing art and many else!! Sometimes, I also need to do a lot of homework because the final exam are coming soon.

 I guess everyone have their own problems on study right? Such as your most unskilled subject in school. Hmm...same goes here! I also have a lot of problems with the one and only subject that I cannot catch up and really bad on!! T.T

 Who do not know Mathematics? It's the only subject that really hard for me.. For me, okay. I do not know what is your opinion about that. I'm so serious about this. That's why I try so hard to do a lot of revisions of this subject. If I want to make it easy. I need to do it often. :")

 Huhu! If I'm not study hard and get a bad result, there is no doubt. Yeah, I'm not study, so how can I get a good result??? Need to study hard for it!!!!!

 My mom once said, I need to try for loving this subject. So, I can settle all of the mathematics' subject easily. If we love something, of course we will know everything about it right? Do you agree with mee??? It's just same ya know.

 Hahaha. Just that for today's entry. I dunno know what else, I need to write on here. So, till we meet again okay!! Please take a good care of yourself. Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Assalamualaikum and bye!! :))
It's working
Isnin, 2 Julai 2018 | 8:47:00 PG | 10 comments

 Hola readers! I hope all of you were in a good condition. Well for today I don't feel really on mood to write an entry but I just wanna tell you guys something!!

 Just now, a fewwwwwwww hour ago, I just waste my time by focus on the only one mission! Guess what?? If you never know it, I will tell you now! I have try to delete my stupid pic on google. Tapi asyik fail, fail dan fail jugakk! Ikutkan hati nak ja give up dari try delete foto sendiri tu dan terus redha.

 Tapi entah kenapa. Naluri yang suruh try delete tu lebih tinggi. So, I just try google cara lain sebab cara tu memang tak boleh pakai plus tak guna. Tengah marah tapi tahan ja. Dan jumpalah satu cara yang agak lain dari yang lain. Cara ni suruh delete image dekat picasa.

 Jadi, saya pun pergilah search google picasa tu. Then keluar. So, I just delete everything in there. Tak lama pun pakai masa nak delete image tu. I just delete everything yang ada kat situ. Makan masa 24 jam saja dia kata tapi bila tengok kat google image, kesemua pic-pic tu dah hilang! So, I feel so happyy!

 So, teruslah bukak blog sebab suka-suka dan tengok-tengok memang blog ni dah teruk! Semua imej hilang macam tu jaa.. Dari header sampai segalanya hilang! Kalau readers yang menjadi mangsa, rasanya apa perasaan readers? Mesti sakit hati plus overthinking!

 Yang paling menyakitkan hari bila tengok banner pun lesap macam tu ja. Dahlah susah nak edit font atas gif. Kena download macam-macam. Then kena buat baru balik. Siapa tak sakit hati??

 Then I feel like I just want to delete my blog. Sebab memang dah tak mampu nak tukar macam-macam. When I remember how hard it is to create one blog even it's not too perfect, I try to cure my blog supaya jadi macam dulu balik and.....IT'S WORKING! ALHAMDULILLAH!!

 Rasa bersukur sangat, gambar kat google tak ada, blog pun dah better. So, I am so grateful. Thank you Allah! :)

 So, that's all for today! Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Byeee!! 사랑너자신 may Allah bless you!!

If I was given the chances to TRAVEL some countries...
Jumaat, 22 Jun 2018 | 8:00:00 PG | 11 comments

 Hello my sweet readers and happy eid mubarak also! :) Thank you Allah for still giving me a chance to write one entry for today... It's been a long time I'm hiatus and....I'M BACK AGAIN! It is because I'm so busy with school's stuff and of course visit my family because of eid mubarak right? So, please understand me even you don't care actually. :'<

 Well, stop making drama and let's get into the real topic. I just want to ask one question. Just one okayy. Please answer it honestly. Who inspiring to travel all around the world? Please raise your hand up! Yeay because you have find your truly gang who also want to travel all around the world and that was ME!

 "Ugh! you have too many dreams! Just stop dreaming btw." Well, once people told me that, I will never wondering to kick on their face. I'm not joking, I'm so serious. .v. Do not mess with me if you don't wanna get in trouble. Just watch out.

 Well, I always dreaming.... "It's going to be sweet and happy if we can travel to the countries that we want to visit." So, sometimes, I just wondering, which country I want to visit??? Because there's a lot of country that I really want to try their culture such as their traditional costume, food for sure and many else. :D

A list of country that I really want to visit (Travel's dream)
Japan-cherry blossom
India-too many things I want to explore from this country
Indonesia-because the culture it's a little bit similar with Malaysia and the country have too many Island
Korea-the beautiful environment
Brazil-wanna know more about the traditions
China-great wall
Egypt-history of this country and the beautiful environment too :))

  Just that the list of country that I REALLY want to visit. But you know... no enough money! TT.TT And I'm still a student who still rely on parents. So, I just keep my dream. Yeah. Cakap atau luah perasaan dekat entri ni pun tak guna juga. Kena usaha untuk capai impian kan? Tak nak jadi macam mat jenin. Berangan, berangan dan berangan and....useless.. Tak jadi apa-apa pun. Then buat malu plus tutup muka selamanya. >///<

 Please remember! The reasons I write today's entry not to show off that I will go there. I just tell my travel's dreams! Yeah, saja ja nak luahkan sebab setiap orang mesti ada travel's dream juga kann? Travel's dream doesn't mean we can arrived there.(really? izzati be confident. :'() Insyaallah kalau diberi keiizinan dan mampu, maybe we can. Just with some effort and confident!

 Hahaha! So, just that for today. Thank you for reading this funny sheet. If Allah pleased our dreams, guarantee we will been there. Just need to be hardworking. Don't be lazy! It is okay pokay izzatiii???

 Well, thank you again for reading this! May Allah bless you, my sweets melody! Keep smiling because it's sunnah!  Bye, 사랑너자신
Stupid old days -.-
Selasa, 29 Mei 2018 | 1:58:00 PG | 17 comments

 Hola and salam Ramadhan my sweet readers! It's been a long time I'm hiatus and I'm back again. Thank you Allah for still give me a chance to write an entry for todayy.. :))

 Rasa bersyukur juga sebab pertengahan tahun punya exam baru ja habis. So, I think I can spend my time to update entry. After two weeks exam, I think that I'm going to waste my time by updating one entry for today.

 If you want to know, I just want to share with you guys something about my stupid old days when I first time want to write an entry, comment or ask something and many else. Maybe it's embarrassing... >///<

 When I first time write something on this blog, I just wondering, "what I want to share on this blog???" That time I was thirteen and did you know what it mean? I'm not too mature to write something especially on my own blog. >///<

 So, I just write about my bio, my advice and many else. When I read it back, I feel so stupid and ask to myself who was sixteen years old(although not reached yet) "Why did I write this stupid stuff???"

 Saja ja nak bagitau dekat readers yang tentang biodata sendiri yang ditulis waktu umur 13 belas tahun tu taklah betul sangat dan agak bengap sikit. =.= Yalah waktu tu baru ja habis sekolah rendah dan fikiran tu masih tak menjurus ke arah remaja lagi.. Sebab tulah lebih banyak menipu dan agak stupid.

 And about my pictures that I have put on my blog pun dah didelete. Rasa menyampah pulak tengok foto-foto lama yang seriously memang minta kaki. >///<

 But, I just try googled myself dan semua foto-foto tu ada dekat google image. >///////////< Benda paling memalukan. Rasa macam nak kick muka mr.google ni sebab tunjuk semua foto-foto tu. And I have try to delete it. Maybe it's complicated to remove it from google image but I will try my best. Usahakan tangga kejayaan!? So, wish me good luck and doakanlah jugak moga hasrat ini berjaya ditunaikan.

 Bukannya sebab apa, cuma bahaya kan kalau ada orang yang tak bertanggungjawab plus tak guna ambik foto kita then salah gunakannya? Faham-fahamlah salah gunakan macam mana. Fitnah ni macam-macam. Dunia sekarang dah tak ada sempadan! Macam-macam benda orang boleh buat. Biasalah, manusia zaman sekarang ni kerja nak menyusahkan orang lain. Kononnya just for fun.

 There was a lot of stupid thing that I have do since I know how to use internet. And that time I was thirteen. Aku start sedar semua ni bila umur 15 dengan sekarang ni dan dah tak buat lagi semua stupid stuff tu. Ya Allah. Malunya! >///< Nasiblah tak ada apa-apa social account. Kalau ada memang lagi merapu jadinya. >////////////////////////////<

 That's all for today's entry. I hope I will not repeat all of this stupid things again! This history is unlikely to be repeated on me again! Thanks for reading my entry! I really appreciate it! Keep smiling, it's sunnah! Bye.... :')

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