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My holiday's plan?
Sabtu, 1 Disember 2018 | 10:19:00 PG | 14 comments

 Hey my fellow readers! Wow! It's already December and we will enter to a 2019, very soon. And mostly, December will be a holiday month! Am I right? So, for those who was a student, especially school's student will be so happy!! But not me anymore. It's because of SPM next year. I'm crying! No matter what, I will faced it.

 I can't play around like others anymore. I need to study! To be something, we need to sacrifice. :") Even I like it or hate it, I need to sacrifice. I need to force myself to do a lot of study especially on my math. :""") Oh, please Math! Stop forcing me to find your 'X'!! Move on, dude!!

 So, to release some tension, (I'm not study very hard -.- I'm lazy) I've make a decision to go to visit my grandma for one week! Yeay!! I miss her so much! I can't describe it with words on how much I miss to see her face. Tok!! Tunggu Izzatii!!

 Actually, she miss me too. Hihi~ Yess, she's have been waiting for me! (not only me. There's my siblings too) I knew this when my angah (my mama's brother) told me on Whatsapp that she miss us and keep on asking when will i go to visit her. Tok!! I miss you more!!! <3

 Every year, every December, I must go and visit her for one weeks! For every last year, I'll go visit her earlier. My mean, I'll go visit her on every end of the November but, just for this year, it'll be a little bit late. It's because I need to go to school back for a while to take my form 5's text book. Actually, I want to take it on other day but I though that, I don't want to delay my work so, I've confirmed to settle it on that date. So, I can have a good holiday.

 Well, I know there's someone will feel like "What is this???" on my entry.. -.- It's okay. I'm used to it!! Haha~  Hmm, what's else?? I think, only this I can write for today. Please take care! Have a nice holiday for those who are. Love you. Till me meet again, sayonara!!

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