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2019's journey
Khamis, 10 Januari 2019 | 3:35:00 PG | 4 comments

 Hey guys! How long I'm not updating my blog and here I am. Back on writing! Actually, I miss writing so bad but how could I do? Cuz I have a lot of activities in school to do! So, I need to leave a blogging's world for a while!

  I will faced SPM for this year and it makes me feel so scared and wanna cry! (I just did) What I need to do now???

 And this year will be the last year of my school life! I wanna cry! I can't feel those moments after all anymore! I can't meet my classmates anymore! I can't be scolded by my teachers anymore! I can't see my crush anymore! (hmm, just forget about it) It will be sad! Huhu!

 Just hoping this year will be a really meaningful year. Please, Ya Allah, ease everything for us! I'm also hoping that in this year, we could be something and stop doing something that never contains any benefit. Also hoping we could be so much better than last year.

 Don't compare urself with others, compare urself with who you was yesterday. Insyaallah, you can be better and be more confident to change to be better!!

 I'm also hoping you will be happier and stronger on living in this beautiful world! The most important thing is, I don't want to meet fake people anymore. Fake people are horrible. Please, don't be one of them too. 2018 have teach me everything about them. So, just enough for this times!

 Don't want to repeat those stupid mistakes on this year. And yes, insyaallah, if I have a free time, I will update a new entry. :p

 That's it from me. I'm hoping you will be happy as you pretending to be. Thanks for reading this sheet. I love you! Sayonara.

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17 y/o hopeful gurl. Love somethin' aesthetic and simple. Love to write more than taking a pic. She believe that she will fly far away.


I will be quite busy starting from now on. Thanks for coming. :D


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