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Be urself, baby. What???
Sabtu, 12 Januari 2019 | 1:50:00 PG | 6 comments

 Hey readers! I'm back with a new entry! Second entry of a 2019! Yesss!! I just want to say that I am so angry and try to cheer myself up! Not cuz of examinations or what! Because of...........A SOCIETY Seriously I'm tired of listening a complaint and a judgement from them!!

 It's not like I'm a stubborn girl who like "Bruh, I don't need any counsel from ya! I'm perfect!" No!! I'm not! I'm a human and yes, I make a lot of mistakes! A lot of sins! We need to try hard for being a good people. It's true??? Please say yessss!! I'm agreee with youuu!!!

 But but but... The things that make me feel uncomfortable, strange and annoying was, we have try our best to be the best, but still, there's an onion who still want to judge me!! And I'll be like...WHAT? WHAT'S THE MATTER? WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???

 Like you know, being too quite, they said that we want to act like we were too beautiful! Being too sociable, the say we want to act like we were too great. Being too happy or laugh more, they say we want to ask an attention! Then, I'll be like, what do you want me to be?? Want me to be a cat? They'll say we want to act like we were too cute. Oh no!

Society be like...
Society: Be urself
Also society: No! Not like that!

 It's okay to judge me. Like, I did a wrong thing or stuffs. Then, you can judge me. Just teach me the correct things. It's okay. I'm okay and I can accept it as a lessons. The things that become the problem is,  when they be like spiteful with us. Then, even we did a right things, they're still complaining about it.

 For an example, I luv pink.

Society: Just be urself
Me: Okay :)
Society: What's ur fav colour?
Me: I luv pink! :)
Society: What? Pink is just for kids. Real womans love black
Me: WHAT??
 See, they judge us! That was I meant! So, stressful and I am so angry. I still can't get over that statement! What's the different between it? No matter what, I still want to be myself! I'll change myself just to be a better person! That's it!

 That's it for today! Thanks for reading my post! Love you! Sayonara!

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