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We're a survivor
Khamis, 24 Januari 2019 | 5:41:00 PG | 8 comments

 Hey cuties! Well, I'm back with a new entry. Miss you guys so bad! Haha. Did you miss me? Well, not so, yah, okayy..

 We are a fighter, right? We all have something that we need to survive. No matter what it is. Who she/he is. Just wanna say, once, I was a loser. I always surrender with people! If we have any arguments, most of them, I'll be the one to surrender and be like 'okay, you win.' Not because I'm scared or what. I just don't like to make something becomes more serious.

 But now, I will feel so stupid. I'll be like, 'why can't I survive it?' Seriously. I dunno what to say about this. But there's a feeling that I can't hide. I want to survive everything that I want, I love and I need. That's a new me. I am a survivor!

 We're all afraid you know. We're all once have become a loser. And it was experience that teach us to becomes more more better. That's why we have to compare ourselves with who we were yesterday.

 If you love somethin', never let go of it. Never let go of ur dreams. No matter what you're hoping in, it's a dreams. So, never give up on chasing dreams.

If you failed to do a plan A, never give up, don't surrender, there's a lot of alphabet. Proceed with a new alphabet.

Like, you'll have another plans. Just make a new plan. Survive what you love!!

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 Btw, this upcoming Saturday, I have to go to school. Well, I'll be quite sleepy. Lifeeee! Huhu. But, it's okay!

 That's all. Thanks for reading this sheet. See ya in the next entry. Sayonara~

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17 y/o hopeful gurl. Love somethin' aesthetic and simple. Love to write more than taking a pic. She believe that she will fly far away.


Thanks for ur visit. Maybe for this moment, I'll be quite busy. But still, I'll write a new entries when I have a free times! Love you :)


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