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Can you relate?
Isnin, 25 Februari 2019 | 12:20:00 PG | 7 comments

 Heyyo readers! I'm back! Wassup? Is everything fine? I hope so. For today, I would love to share with you guys about some teenagers posts that I saw pretty relatable and I guess that everyone can relate to it. Could you relate to it? I guess that mostly a lot of people can relate to this including me!

 Let's start with this.. To be honest, I always felt this and will be kinda angry because people just don't give any attentions! It will be kinda embarrassing too. But, gladly, they never know and feel like I'm never talking. So, I can covered it up. HAHAHAHA!

 Who else hate this too? HAHAHA! I can't behave anymore with people like this. Especially when my siblings and my friends did this. They are a spoilers. And I'll be like, "Can you please shut up? I wanna watch this. Don't be such a spoiler!" I'm not hating it. I'm just wanna make it as a surprises. If they keep telling me a story line, how could it be a surprise? Please understand it!!!!

 This things, once happens in my life.

 I'll acted like I know nothing about this okay. Please don't look at me like that!! Huhu. It's scary.

 Till now I still can't get over this statements! What do you think? When I was a child, I always answer Dora. But when I became a teenagers and watch Dora again, I'll be so awkward when she asked a questions and when we don't answer it, she'll be stared at you. It's annoying and creepy too in the same times. Hmm.

  Always happens to me.

 This is relatable. But but but, when I really wanna answer the questions but too shy to volunteer, I will try hard to make an eye contact with the teacher, hoping she/he will called me to answer the questions! Huhu.

 Well, just that. Thanks for reading. I will update more later. Please take care, okay! Bye and sayonara!! :)

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