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Lost and not found
Selasa, 12 Februari 2019 | 12:09:00 PG | 2 comments

It's can't be describe with words on how much it hurts,
So hurt and she knows that nobody cares at last,
She always be the one who care a lot,
But they don't even care,
Although there's too much tears have dripped,
She still love and care.

"Keep dreaming. You'll be happy, one day"
The words from mom became a spirit for her,
She's keeping on dreaming,
Love and love,
Till it's cut deep like a knife,
It's too hurt until she can't describe it with words.

Try to get up and love it again,
But still, it's cutting her,
She's bleeding,
She's drowning in tears,
She's pretend to be okay,
But her eyes can't lie about it.

She's done and will leave,
She'll fly and fly far far away,
She'll leave everything here,
Including every memories that keep her happy and strong,
She'll be lost and not found.

~Haha, I love to write this. Just for fun!! Love you!~

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