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apologizing is better than forgiving
Ahad, 14 April 2019 | 3:35:00 PG | 1 comments

 Assalamualaikum readers! Don't wanna say too much. But I see that a lot of people will concerned about their ego that confirm will kill themselves. I be like...wth? Just apologize and thing will settle.

 But you know what? They will give a lot of evidence to back up their stupid useless ego. They rather waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting till the other one give up and apologize to them.

 Why so hard to feels sorry? Why so hard to drop down that stupid ego? You are the one who were guilty then, you want to wait until the one who seems to be right to apologize to you? Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are?

 People love to see bad on others but were too blind to see bad in themselves. How sad but it's true. Society need to take an action about this. I'm so confused why nowadays people seems to be like this. Please take a look in the mirror.

 Once, someone told me that I am too childish about this issues cuz I'm posting it in the whatsapp's status. Then I be like.....excuse me, dude! Who are childish now? You or me? You was too hard to apologize then you wanna say that I am childish? Nah!! That's why I said, take a really really deep looks in the mirror.

 But it's okay to say that I am childish cuz a lot of people agree with my statement. Only you the one who don't want to accept it. For you that say I am childish, if you're reading this now, DUDE, I DON'T CARE AND WHATEVER.

  Well, easy to say, apologize is better than forgive. Why so hard to do it? Just apologize and settle. It's up to them to forgive you or not. The most important is you already say sorry.

 forgive the people who wasn't even sorry is better too. Just that for today. Sorry for my madness. XD I'm too angry. Take care, okay!! Bye!! Love you <3

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