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Ahad, 5 Mei 2019 | 1:54:00 PTG | 6 comments

 Heyyooo my fellow readers!! I'm back! Salam ramadhan for muslims!! May this ramadhan will be something and better!! Aminn!

 It's sahur now. What are you guys eating for? You must be so sleepy. Hehe. Same here but there's a lot of benefit you can get when you eat sahur.

I am so happy and interested to start fasting. And yeps, today was Bahasa Melayu's paper. (exam) Please wish me luck!! Hoping it will be easy to answer. (I'm so hoping) 

Well, for those who always skip fasting and try to change, I wish you, all the best! Fighting!! Try to control your nafs. Try the best, okay. Past is past, okay. Fasting is so good for your health. It's contain you a lot of advantages. 

Let's together we do a lot of prayer so that we can be something and loved by Allah.. 

Don't just go sleeping everytimes. Makes a lot of ibadat. 

For a man, try to not skip terawih. You only can do terawih during Ramadhan. So, you will be loss if you skip it without any specific reasons. It's sunat, ya know. :3

Well, that's all for today. May Allah bless us with love. Good luck! That's all. Thanks!! Byeee!!

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17 y/o hopeful gurl. Love somethin' aesthetic and simple. Love to write more than taking a pic. She believe that she will fly far away.


Thanks for ur visit. Maybe for this moment, I'll be quite busy. But still, I'll write a new entries when I have a free times! Love you :)


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