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10 simples questions from friends (last)
Isnin, 10 Jun 2019 | 4:08:00 PG | 2 comments

 Hi my fellow readers. Well, this is the last so I would love to settle this.

9. Ur fav anime?

I love a lot actually but one of it was Naruto.

 He teach me a lot about how we need to survive our dreams and also about love and friendship. It's motivated. You should watch it. It's not for kids cuz a lot of adult love to watch it.

10. What's ur fav subject in school?

 Since 9 y/o, I really love to write everything. My own stupid story and many else. I just love it. So, I love to learn 'bahasa melayu' in school. It's the subject that I'm always waiting for.

 So, that's it. See you guys soon! Bye and take care okay.

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17 y/o hopeful gurl. Love somethin' aesthetic and simple. Love to write more than taking a pic. She believe that she will fly far away.


I will be quite busy starting from now on. Thanks for coming. :D


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