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best mistake
Isnin, 1 Julai 2019 | 7:49:00 PG | 4 comments

 Hey. It's been a long time and maybe this is the last time I'll write here before I'll take a long hiatus. It's because of some reasons.

  Everyone make a mistake. Some people can't accept it. Ugh, it's somethin' simple if HUMAN make a mistake. We're not angle that perfect. We're only human! So, it's normal for us, human to make a mistake.

  But, there's some people that can't accept it. Me means, can't forgive it. Maybe it must be somethin' serious till they can't forgive it. I understand it. I respect it.

  But for those who have made it, please please please apologies!! Say sorry. It's not hard. Admit ur mistake and apologies. It's up to them wether they wanna forgive it or not. At least, you have say sorry.

  Some people can forgive it but can't forget it. Woah, that's dangerous too. Yeps, maybe those mistakes have left a big scars to them till they can't forget about it. Then, they will be more careful and beware. Or maybe, they won't get through it anymore. Hm.

  Some people choose for not forgive them. They be like, IDGAF. I'M DONE. Then, you need to know that they totally hate you. But at least you try to apologies. If they don't wanna forgive you, it don't matter. What else we can do?

  Sometimes, you don't realize that it was a best mistake that you have made. My means, it teach you a lot about life and how much you need to change yourself. If they can't accept ur mistakes or forgive it, it's up to them. Don't ever look back. Move on and change!! There's still a time.

  Pray for Allah so that they can open their heart to forgive you. What the most important thing is, change. Always pray for Allah. InsyaAllah, Allah will help you too.

  It's okay to make a mistake. We're only human. Admit it, change and never repeat it. Learn from it, okay?

 If you never make it, then you're not human. Even alien maybe have made a mistakes. Haha. That's all. Love ya. Till we meet again!! Wait for my comeback, okay!! Take care!!

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