Sailor Moon Lip Gloss by Little Monster
Khamis, 23 September 2021 | 4:11:00 PG | 10 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hi guyss! I'm back again. I'll be busy next week for sem 3 haha! 

  Zaty ada bought a new lipgloss by Little Monster. This one really worth the money that it costs. I mean, the colours, the smell, the everything just magical!! It came with 8 different colours in one box. Quite small but the quality is chef's kiss. Something that I like about it is the colour is quite resistant to fade from your lips. What is more, the box is hella adorable and will be easy for you to bring it anywhere. 

It's literally charming, magical and classical. 

  Till we meet again! Bye. 


"Stronger than ever"
Sabtu, 21 Ogos 2021 | 1:38:00 PTG | 11 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hi! How are you guys? Zaty harap semua dalam keadaan baik-baik inshaAllah! Let's chit chat hehe. 

  Well, nowadays...I always find myself being alone and thinking too much. Sometimes, I will kill my own vibes just by thinking, thinking and thinking. Kadang-kadang tu kan, Zaty akan rasa yang Zaty ni dah lose myself. Like, the happy, cheerful, energetic and joyful me gone missing without anything. Rasa sedih juga bila sedar semua tu tapi itulah, sometimes, we all need some rest and we deserve to be left alone so that we can find ourselves again. 

  Okay, Zaty selalu terfikir tentang my future. What will happen to me? How do I survive? Dunia makin lama makin moden, makin lack of humanity, no sense of humor, no common sense and jauh sekali rasa empati sesama sendiri. So, how do I survive all of this without falling down? Of course I have to be strong. 

  Zaty akui Zaty ni lemah, just a little girl with a big dream, heart and hope. Zaty selalu dreaming nak tolong mostly people yang kena oppress, yang disisihkan, untuk bersuara tentang keadilan and also justice for people that really need it! Being kind to society, animals. That's really my biggest dream since abah selalu pesan to never being such a coward. Stand with your words, he said. Speak up and voice your opinions and that's one of the things that keeping me strong and giving me spirit to keep on survive among all of this disasters today. 

  Jadi, we need to get up and keep on fighting! Let's make our dreams comes true. We're all scare you know. But, until when? Sometimes, we need to get up and show life that you have a trillion reasons to keep on going so that we can smile when we die knowing that we have reach everything that we want in life. You only live once so why not we survive and spread kindness to everyone? Don't ever give up okay? We got this! 

  So, I hope you guys are doing great in process to achieve your happiness and goals. I wish you guys all the best! Let's fighting! Till we meet again, bye. <3

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baby yoda
Rabu, 11 Ogos 2021 | 4:08:00 PG | 12 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hi! How are you guys? Hoping baik-baik je. Hari ni zaty would love to write something about something that I bought! Memang lama dah zaty berharap nak dapat benda ni and finally I got it! I want it, I got it. 

  So, zaty ni minatlah juga dengan Star Wars because my abah memang fanatic sangat dengan Star Wars. So, zaty pun adalah ikuti satu series ni tajuk cerita dia The Mandalorian. So, I totally fall in love sangat dengan baby yoda dalam cerita tu. People usually call him The Child but the fans bagi nickname yang lain which is baby yoda because of the same species as Master Yoda. 

   Tengok ni! Comel kan? His name is Grogu but we often call him as baby yoda. I be like...ya Allah, kecomelan dia ni infiniti sangat. So, zaty pun decide lah nak beli. I search it through Shopee. Lama juga take time untuk search and finally I found the shop! The price is quite cheap for me. It's only RM145. Masa tu tengah ada promotion so zaty pun teruslah beli! I use my own elaun for that. Lol. I mean, that's fine because at least I got something from my elaun money rather than buying foods and samyang as I usually do. Lagipun zaty ni jenis jimat. I have my own budget for everything that I want to buy. Such as the new books, novels, new handmade violin, new phone and lagi lagi. zaty memang dah buat plan so that I know and can handle my money well. 

  Tada!! Isn't it cute? Really in love with it! Really worth my money. The delivery also quite fast. Within only 3 days! Imagine that?? You guys know what? It felt like a gift from me to me. I am so happy. 

 Alala, he's so cute. So, I named it April. I don't know why I love the name 'April'. Bambam quite jealous of him at first but lama-lama dia pun suka. Thank you dear self. Lol. 

  So, yahh! That's it for today's update! Don't forget to always take care of yourself. This pandemic ain't over yet. Let's pray together for the better days. Till we meet again! Bye! <3 


cry now, laugh later
Jumaat, 5 Mac 2021 | 6:37:00 PG | 19 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hey lovelies! How your days going? I hope it's all good and you guys get a really happy story and things to be create as a beautiful memories! Mine is all good and of course have a lot of ups and downs situation. Well, for those who waits for my new update, I just want to say thank you so much and also sorry at the same time for making you guys wait for me. Im so happy to know that. 

  There's not a lot of things to write but I just want to say that I'll be back to Kedah for upcoming sem 2. Well, a lot of preparations have be done. Fizikal dan mental kena siap sediakan supaya otak tak tepu. Like seriously for the previous sem, memang izzati dan nangis guling-guling. Bukan crybaby or manja, cuma itulah, as a student. Biasalah kalau assigment kena reject, pointer turun and etc. It really torturing my brain but that's okay to cry now than to cry later. Well, it's not that much pressure. :') 

  My abah always said that it's okay to ikat your perut. Tak perlu nak makan macam kita ni dah ada kerja tetap. As a student, you not really gain that much money because you have to keep your money for something better like print, and others. Also, my elaun bukannya beratus ribu untuk bazirkannya for something yang unbeneficial. 

  Then, my abah also always say that it's okay to cry every night over your grades, assignment, having those sleepless night, dont spending time to be happy go lucky. Some people might not get it but I felt that. I do really felt that.It's true. You will be sad today for not having fun like others have but one day, you will smile for everything that you have and earn. Sebab semua tu adalah hasil dari usaha kita, air mata, titik peluh and everything. Like, baby, it's worth it. Believe me! 

  So, pendek kata,  just cry if you wanna cry. But never give up on chasing your dream. That's okay. Every tears will worth it. It's fine to cry over bad grades than something yang tak bagi makna in your life. Agree? Im ready to cry in this new sem. Allah always see our worth. Trust me, darling! Everything will be okay. You will graduate one day! Believe it. 

  Well, that's it for today. I hope you guys will be fine in this new journey. Im praying the best for you guys. Please take care okay. I love you guys. Bye. :) 

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Fresh start?
Sabtu, 2 Januari 2021 | 7:23:00 PTG | 30 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, before I want to start a post then lemme wish you guys a very happy new year. May this year will be your year and you guys can fulfill all the dreams that you want to reach. 

  Hm, how's your day? Mine is good alhamdulillah. Well, I have my dreams even though I didnt reach it yet but still I hope I can make it comes true for this year. Well what I want to reach for this year is to learn on how to love and appreciate myself. Since my level of insecurity and etc is really highhh then I hope that for this year I will learn to love myself and for who I am. Maybe it will going to be hard but I will try. To be grateful for Allah is a must so I will. 

  Then, I want to find a complete peace of mind. As an overthinker, I would love to be happy and lovely. I want to take everything that happen to me as a positivie things even it's hard for me to take it. I really want that thing. 2020 really torturing me on this so I hope that for this year, it will get well and better. I want a healthy mind. Tired of migraine and overthinking. 

  Then, I want to finish my manuscript. Haha, since a beggining of 2020 I have promise to myself that I will finish it but I cant accomplished it because of the problems of my laptop. Aaa! Kind of torturing too since writing is my favourite things to do. So, I want to finish it before this year end. Oh maybe before march ends. My target. You can Izzati! 

  Besides, one of my dreams since I was a child is to be healthy and fit. Since I have an anemic, there's a lot of things I can't do anymore. Like I can't have those adventurous activities. Bukannya mengada but doctor also told me to not force myself. If I can't do it then it's okay. Like, kalau izzati buat benda yang serius and lasak, maybe boleh pitam or pengsan. So, I want to eat my medicine flowly (rip grammar) because I play a lot lately. Macam kejap makan, kejap tak. Haha. Abah selalu marah but izzati still main-main. InshaAllah. I want to be healthy, that's it. Aamiin. 

  Well, I have go to my campus in Kedah to settle all of my assigment. Bukan tak nak buat online but we need to face to face. Maybe in a weeks then I will go back to Penang. But inshaAllah I will go back here awal bulan March ni untuk sem 2 pulak kalau tak ada apa-apa. But, Im kind of worry too because there's a lot of covid's cases in Penang now. I'm just hoping for the peace and good. Let's pray. Aamiin. 

  Itu sahaja celotehnya. Itu sahaja izzati punys dreams. Izzati harap izzati can reach it. InshaAllah. What's yours? If you dont mind, you can share it in here. That's it for today. Please take care. Bye. <3

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gws, dearself.
Isnin, 21 Disember 2020 | 3:35:00 PG | 28 comments


  Assalamualaikum lovelies!! I hope you guys are in a good condition. How have you guys been? Well, did you guys take a good care of yourself. I am hoping that you are. Have you guys heard about self care? 

  Well, apa yang izzati tahu pasal self care ni is about realizing yang kita ni pun deserve the best. Like, you know your worth and of course stay away from the toxics circle. Contohnya la kan, jangan make a conversation with someone that you think always hurt your feelings and make you feel like you're not good enough. Please, if they're not matter for you, just leave a circle. 

  Then, stop arguing with toxics too. Even if they always misunderstanding you. Well, kalau izzati, memang izzati malas nak explain apa-apa sebab yes, you never know how I been and I 100% sure pun yang dia tak kisah. Daripada kita gaduh, baik kita diam and go on je. Do what is good and bring out your inner peace. 

  Lepas tu, create our own goals. Like you know, untuk yang still study tu, study hard la. It's for future. Make your parent proud. Focus on your own future. Tak payahlah fikir pasal benda-benda yang negatif. Kalau ada problem then settle it in peace. 

  If your friends has changed a lot, then dont expect anything. At last, you need to walk alone too. Believe me. Just stay away and do good for you. Stop begging. Self respect is everything too. Banyak lagi benda nak fikir. Especially about your dreams. Trust me, it will give love to your soul. 

  Well, the older I get, the more that I see that everything is just temporary. Plus, Im no longer force things. My abah is right. He always said to me to be indepedent and take nobody's shit. As long as you can do on your own, then carry on. But dont forget to send others love and light because some of people really need it. That's really hit me and I really felt that now. 

  It's not like izzati nak jadi sombong. You have to understand the concept. Everyone need each other to work things out but there's a plenty things that I guess yang izzati lebih selesa nak usaha sendiri, tak harapkan orang and jadi a bit selfish. Like, Im not longer wore others opinions as long as mine is better. For those who got it, thank you. For those yang think negative about it, that's fine. Just wear your opinions. Well, my experiences taught me a lot. 

  Well, tu sahaja. I dont know why but right now, I am trying to heal. Trying to take care of myself and my feelings since I notice that others just know how to break that. I hope you guys are doing well too. Pardon my grammar. Till we meet again! Bye. <3

p/s: Vibing with this.

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What to do if you're down (My ways)
Sabtu, 5 Disember 2020 | 12:13:00 PTG | 26 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hey lovelies. How are you? I hope you guys are doing fine through this pandemic. Well, dont waste time. Let's just straight to the point. 

  Well, everyone have their up and down situations. So am I. Kita semua ni human so of course kita terpaksa hadap semua tu. Well, me also. Selalunya benda-benda yang buatkan izzati down ni bila prestasi pelajaran tak best, insecure teruk dengan diri-sendiri, overthinking and of course living in a circle of toxics people. 

  So, disebabkan oleh semua tu, memang boleh bagi hilang semangat terus. Especially insecure dan toxic friends tu. Memang bagi orang down teruk and make me moody for the whole times. Ugh. 

  Well, ada jugak hal-hal yang akan izzati buat so that izzati rasa hilang beban and rasa better. So here are the lists. 


Macam yang semua tahu, as a muslim, kalau down mestilah kita kena solat. Sebab solat ni penenang. Trust me, you will feel better when you pray. Like, you cry, you tell, Allah betul-betul dengar and faham apa yang kita rasa. Kalau bagitau dengan manusia ni lain because ada yang tak kisah, acah kisah and paling win adalah dia suka tengok kita rasa macam tu. So for me, carilah Allah sebab Allah selalu tengok kita. May Allah heal our soul. Aamiin. <3


Ha, membaca pun actually help me a lot to release my down. (RIP grammar). Tapi izzati will read a comic la. Komik lawak ke, one piece adik punya ke lol. Iyalah, takkan nak baca novel pasrah pulak. Tak silap nanti makin dilayan perasaan tu. Or, you dont have to read a book. Maybe read some stuffs from internet like a funny meme, interesting facts. Anything benefits and give chill to your soul. 

 Playing with your pet

Trust me a lot of people love doing this. Their cuteness is enough to make me feel better and bring back smile on my face. 

 Watching any shows

Tengoklah kartun ke, shows lawak ke. Or lebih better dengan ceramah. Trust me, time tengah down ni banyak jugak fikiran negatif menguasai diri so untuk hilangkan semua tu better dengarlah ceramah motivasi. InsyaAllah it will bring back your positive vibes. 


Sometimes we're all need rest. Daripada overthinking macam-macam way better kalau tidur for me. Bukannya apa, just to have a little rest. Mungkin nanti masa awake tu ada berita gembira or bagi balik tenaga tu. Haha, I dont know but I love sleep. Zzzz...

  Well, that's it. This is my ways to be honest. Maybelah kalau ada yang baca ni nanti be like...ooooh maybe I should try that. Hehe. So please share yours. Maybe I can give a shot for that ways too. Why not? Hehe. 

  So, itu sahaja untuk kali ni. InsyaAllah I will write again kalau berkesempatan. Please take care and bye. I love you to the moon and back. <3

Well, ni acc baru izzati. Feel free to follow me hehe. InsyaAllah I will make sure to follow you guys back! Love ya. :3

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