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Jumaat, 5 Mac 2021 | 6:37:00 PG | 2 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hey lovelies! How your days going? I hope it's all good and you guys get a really happy story and things to be create as a beautiful memories! Mine is all good and of course have a lot of ups and downs situation. Well, for those who waits for my new update, I just want to say thank you so much and also sorry at the same time for making you guys wait for me. Im so happy to know that. 

  There's not a lot of things to write but I just want to say that I'll be back to Kedah for upcoming sem 2. Well, a lot of preparations have be done. Fizikal dan mental kena siap sediakan supaya otak tak tepu. Like seriously for the previous sem, memang izzati dan nangis guling-guling. Bukan crybaby or manja, cuma itulah, as a student. Biasalah kalau assigment kena reject, pointer turun and etc. It really torturing my brain but that's okay to cry now than to cry later. Well, it's not that much pressure. :') 

  My abah always said that it's okay to ikat your perut. Tak perlu nak makan macam kita ni dah ada kerja tetap. As a student, you not really gain that much money because you have to keep your money for something better like print, and others. Also, my elaun bukannya beratus ribu untuk bazirkannya for something yang unbeneficial. 

  Then, my abah also always say that it's okay to cry every night over your grades, assignment, having those sleepless night, dont spending time to be happy go lucky. Some people might not get it but I felt that. I do really felt that.It's true. You will be sad today for not having fun like others have but one day, you will smile for everything that you have and earn. Sebab semua tu adalah hasil dari usaha kita, air mata, titik peluh and everything. Like, baby, it's worth it. Believe me! 

  So, pendek kata,  just cry if you wanna cry. But never give up on chasing your dream. That's okay. Every tears will worth it. It's fine to cry over bad grades than something yang tak bagi makna in your life. Agree? Im ready to cry in this new sem. Allah always see our worth. Trust me, darling! Everything will be okay. You will graduate one day! Believe it. 

  Well, that's it for today. I hope you guys will be fine in this new journey. Im praying the best for you guys. Please take care okay. I love you guys. Bye. :) 

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