"Stronger than ever"
Sabtu, 21 Ogos 2021 | 1:38:00 PTG | 11 comments


  Assalamualaikum and hi! How are you guys? Zaty harap semua dalam keadaan baik-baik inshaAllah! Let's chit chat hehe. 

  Well, nowadays...I always find myself being alone and thinking too much. Sometimes, I will kill my own vibes just by thinking, thinking and thinking. Kadang-kadang tu kan, Zaty akan rasa yang Zaty ni dah lose myself. Like, the happy, cheerful, energetic and joyful me gone missing without anything. Rasa sedih juga bila sedar semua tu tapi itulah, sometimes, we all need some rest and we deserve to be left alone so that we can find ourselves again. 

  Okay, Zaty selalu terfikir tentang my future. What will happen to me? How do I survive? Dunia makin lama makin moden, makin lack of humanity, no sense of humor, no common sense and jauh sekali rasa empati sesama sendiri. So, how do I survive all of this without falling down? Of course I have to be strong. 

  Zaty akui Zaty ni lemah, just a little girl with a big dream, heart and hope. Zaty selalu dreaming nak tolong mostly people yang kena oppress, yang disisihkan, untuk bersuara tentang keadilan and also justice for people that really need it! Being kind to society, animals. That's really my biggest dream since abah selalu pesan to never being such a coward. Stand with your words, he said. Speak up and voice your opinions and that's one of the things that keeping me strong and giving me spirit to keep on survive among all of this disasters today. 

  Jadi, we need to get up and keep on fighting! Let's make our dreams comes true. We're all scare you know. But, until when? Sometimes, we need to get up and show life that you have a trillion reasons to keep on going so that we can smile when we die knowing that we have reach everything that we want in life. You only live once so why not we survive and spread kindness to everyone? Don't ever give up okay? We got this! 

  So, I hope you guys are doing great in process to achieve your happiness and goals. I wish you guys all the best! Let's fighting! Till we meet again, bye. <3

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